Sunday, December 26, 2010

EUROTRIP 2010 - PART 4 - Home sweet sweet home - Kozarac and Prijedor

So now is the time to make this one! I hadn´t enough time to do this earlier and now I just have so much time that it gets even boring :D. And hey how fun is this just when my leg is getting better I´m getting a flue... If you want to see my earlier posts about my trip go to labels and press "Travelling". Then you can see the first parts about my trip. So the last two weeks we spent in northern Bosnia at The Dinaric Alps or Dinarides. As you may know I´ve been born in a town called Prijedor in 1991. Near Prijedor is this smaller town called Kozarac ( Cazara Libera Villa, year 1360) that has it´s own center but it´s more like this area where people have their own houses and yards. The bigger center is in Prijedor. Kozarac is really nice place, but it damaged a lot during the war. Everything was totally destroyed. Now people have tried to build their houses and clean all that mess but there´s still much left to do. For excample let me show you few pictures of my family. First picture is our house after the war and in second you´ll see my grandma and grandpa's house (or what was left of them).
 But now let me tell you about my days there :) Pretty every day had the same "formula". We woke up around 10am and had a breakfast, went to the pool with our friends and cousins, had a lunch out and returned to the pool. It was so much fun to sip drinks, play cards or waterball and just lay in sun. Oh God it was hot in there... around 45 degrees in shadow and still around 35 degrees at evening! If we decided not to go to the pool it was time to go shopping or just hang out at the cafĂ©es or just have a BBQ times :) It was so much fun every day! And no matter what we did during the days we spent every night at the club. It really was so nice to loosen up a little.. or little more. :) It was so much fun to meet relatives and friends who live abroad just like we do or down there. I usually meet them only once a year :/

 And theese are the pictures of a memorial down there. 1226 people on this and all of them civils.

We also went about three times to the mountines, it was so freaky to drive there...

 I got some virus and was sick for 5 to 6 weeks...
 home sweet home ;)


It was fun !