Friday, November 2, 2012

Keep on going.. just keep on

Right now I´m feeling great. This morning has been good. Why? Let me make a list of it.
1. I woke up before my alarm clock rang... :) You know... it makes me feel like a winner and I´m not even that tired then!
2. 0,5 liters of good Latte Macchiato, seasoned with cayenne pepper, real cocoa powder (99%) and ginger. Morning can´t begin without it... I´m addicted to cocoa.
3. A boiling hot oat meal made to milk (I can´t stand it when it´s made to water :S) and seasoned with cinnamon and apple chunks... :) It´s maybe one of the best and most healthy breakfasts ever. Not to mention the juicy extra apple I ate with it. :)
4. Walking... I love it when the weather is not too stormy. I love hearing my own foot steps and listening to the birds singing, watching other people and the dogs they are walking. Little cute creatures that always make me smile... like that little corgi I saw this morning on my way to the Uni!
5. The feeling after a workout. It just is the best thing people can do for their wellbeing. The amount of energy you spent doing it is not even compared to the amount of energy it gives you back. Every time I manage to kick myself on the butt and go to the gym, I feel like a warrior! I can if I want and I do want it! Without training I wouldn´t have this much energy to do stuff I have to, I would be sick all the time and my back and knees would be killing me. I don´t want to be a fat 30 years old woman who's back is hurting all the time and who sits in front of the TV every evening, feeling tired and unsatisfied with herself... No! I´m not  going to be the one of the millions.
6. The sound of my mailbox! Yeep... I got my orders from and! :) 

And guess what... :) Now I have the rest of the day to do whatever I want!  Like calculate medical physics with Alli and wait for Elvira and Eveliina to arrive to me for the weekend! :)

Have a great day guys!


  1. Voi kun tulin hyvälle mielelle tästä postauksesta:)

    1. hihi jes ! :) Arvaa muuten mitä... pitää skannaa sulle vähän lapsuusajan kirjeitä, oon tässä taas vähä lueskellu... :--D

  2. Hei, tekisitkö meikkipostauksen? :) Arki/juhlameikki? Tuotteet, tekniikat? Olet kaunis!

  3. Mitä oot ajatellut lääkiksen suhteen? :)

    1. Oon tällä hetkellä biolääkiksen puolella ja teen nyt kandia. :) Haluaisin kyllä tehdä tästä maisterivaiheenkin, mutta kyllä se kliininen puoli/hammas olis myös edelleen se suurin haave :)