Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Last week of summerholiday

ok ok I got a lil bit excited... :--)

I know it´s almost over- and it just started. I just can´t imagine myself at uni again. In different uni this time, in different city with totally new people. I will be a freshmen again (or kinda.... almost everything of my 71op is going to be accepted in here), so it will be fun. :) I like my new home a lot, we made it great. New floors and walls, and some new furniture. Now it´s closer to the perfection than my last home was. Elvira is going to move there btw, and it kinda strange to walk in there when it still feels like my place but it´s obviously hers with all her stuff in there! :D I still have to get myself a new bathroom carpet, new curtains to the kitchen, new frames for the pictures a new lamp for my table and some stands. Yea it will be a perfect place for my next 5 years. Hopefully. I still have to try to get myself a job from Kuopio. It would be so much easier then for me. It certainly would.

pictures WeHeartIt

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I´m little sweatty, blowing my nose all the time and having a headache. It´s not bad but it makes me want to eat a lot of sour candies and chocolates... :) Well at least I just bought myself a nice skirt and two nice pair of shoes. I don´t know how many handkerchief-packages I have already used but my nose is red and in pain because of them. At least I can drink hot chocolate, eat selfmade mudcake and eat Fazer's P├Ątkis- mini bites. We have made so delicious chicken pasta with my sister Elvira that I´ll absolutely give you the recipe we made out! :) I have a lot muscle aches, I think it´s besause I´m sick and because of the last week and the weekend. It was so nice to just BE, eat, grill with everybody, talk and drive a car together up to the big hill and all around the place. Makes me just so happy :) Oh and there was this cute dog that scared me off..... :D we were just talking about bears with Teemu when he parked his car on Arttu´s backyard.... Well I looked on my right and there was this cute dog standing and looking at me, I screamed cause I thought first he was a bear.... cute little bear yep. Can´t remember the name of the dog because it was so unique but damn he was cute and kind dog that liked to chill behind the car... :) He´s in one piece yet. :) Now I´ll just start to write in my diary and wait for somehing great to come from tv... I´m a bit bored and anxious to get those shoes home :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer nights

I can already see all the yellow autumn leaves. Was this the finnish summer? I´ve never experienced it untill this year- and you know I still think it´s just this long spring going on and summer is there about yet to come... Where is the sun, where is all that hot air and all those nights you can sit outside in your bikini and still sweat while watching the stars above, listening to the grasshoppers and sipping something refreshing to cool yourself down? I dont like wearing pants now when I sould be able to be in my shorts or dresses or skirts. I´d love to go swimming and climb up the big mountines and walk through green walleys all down to the turquoise lakes, rivers and waterfalls. Yes I´d love to be able to dive and seek for the sea urchins and put some sun cream on them too. Wohoow all I can see is this grey sky and facebook's "Account Temporarily Unavailable"........... hah. This is not one of my days. At least I have my little sisters here to keep me company :) Love them and I love the raspberrypie I made yeasterday.... I think the fridge is here to keep me happy today... :D

Friday, August 12, 2011

today I want to be a tourist guide

Those pictures are taken two weeks ago. The entire weekend was absolytely great. I LOVE VAFFLES. Who doesn´t?  The Saimaa cruising, eating in Huviretki (love the place), finnish and swedish candy, swimming and spending time with our friends from Sweden and Bosnia---> this all makes it all great. I love the life, one thing I have noticed is that I still havent published one post from last summer, the midsummer post and the last one from this last weekend- Pipefestival post. You´ll get it all when I got the pictures... I have asked my friends to send them to mee many times but some of them are pretty lazy.... :D I think I´ll have to give them a kick... soon.  Damn I´m hungry right now, got to find something great to eat :)

ps. My new home is almost ready! New floor and new walls, now I only have to unpack my stuff! :)