Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Melankolian riemut

Yes I have had happy days happy happy happy days I have had. Yes. Right now my mood isn't the best. In your life you have to learn how to make yourself happy even if you think the whole world is coming down. Everybody will hurt you - you just have to find the right ones worth suffering for. If they aren't you know there's no reason to be upset- you are worth something much better. I can´t help it Anna Puu always makes me think about stuff with her songs. Love yourself and you will be able to get over every little detail that once hurt you.

How to deal with the fact you've lost someone? When I heard about all those people in Norway I was in a shock. I just can´t understand those angry people who want to kill other people, people who kill animals just for fun like those cute little dolphins in Denmark, I can´t understand those things happening in the Middle East nor in Africa and no I can´t still understand the fact that I - yes me myself and I- am a refugee myself too just because of war- because of the people who think it´s ok to kill. I hope they all rot in hell if there is such one. I know the pain Norwegians are feeling now- war is a everyday subject in our house. You´ll always remember the tragedies and think about times before everything happened. What would the life be now without all that? Nobody has the answers. One thing I´ve learned about this world is that it wont be the last one- you just have to know how to deal with the sorrow and all mixed up- feelings. Time helps it doesn't cure. I´m very very sorry for humankind and I can just hope there will be day when people learn how to appreciate each others. Rest in peace all you who were killed in Norway. Amen.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


There´s nothing more relaxing than being out. Especially after a long day at work. If you manage to get everything you need with you will you be able to use every minute you have been given. I think it´s important to know how to enjoy the time you have. I don´t really like to sit alone at home just watching tv or chatting. I usually have my laptop on but it doesn´t mean I´m always really online. I want to have nice summer memories, not only to read how the other's have enjoyed their summer. People you´ve got the light now, it´s warm and you have so many opportunities! Just live your life now when you are still young and healthy. There will be time for you to sit alone watching tv every day long- and you wont have many other choices. Make a list of what you want to experience and make your dreams come true :)!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One Perfect day

How can it be so wonderful to eat strawberries, paint the chairs and a table and.... keep little baby hedgehogs in your arms and just read the magazines on the balcony while it´s raining outside? People are genuine only when they see little baby animals- that´s something new, babies always have that little something to melt your heart. They really know how to put the smile on your face and make you feel that childlish joy that you felt as a little sitting in the sandbox. I was running with my sister and we stopped to walk up one pretty huge hill when we heard something. When I turned to see behind me I saw 5 little baby hedgehogs partly running towards me and partly hiding between the bushes. I went down on my knees and guess what the babies did... :D they came to us and if we put our hands down they tried to climb on them :D so it was easy to hold them and they seemed to like it a lot (maybe cause they sence I´m this former biolog). :D My heart just melted that very moment... :) I want a hedgehog as a pet. It was too bad to have only mobiles with us so the pictures aren´t really a success. :(

 "I want too!"

We also made american cookies(photo by Elvira), they were too yammy. There´s nothing better. If you´ve tasted Ben & Jerry´s 'Wich- icecream- you know the taste of them ;) New trendi also arrived so it was good time to go to the balcony to read it. I was just smiling and thinking the little ones... It was so easy to sleep well. :)

Now this girl is at office, we are planning to go out with my sister and cousin Elvisa. Hopefully it won´t rain today. It would be nice to have at least one sunny evening now :)
- Herminica

Monday, July 18, 2011

silkkii, järvivettä ja ilta-aurinkoo

I want to go out- not to sit in the office every morning. I want to climb on Savisilta here in Mikkeli, take a camera and just shoot. Saimaa lake and port in Mikkeli from those hights- sparkling water and the sunset... it´s perfect. At least I can go to the beach and just smile because of this weather. I love summer- nothing more to say. Have fun- I will. Just 9 more days I have to work and then it´s time for a holiday. Maybe I´ll have to paint our chairs and a dinnertable today too but it´s fun- too. Makes me think I´m just 7 years old haha. We were just out with my sister Elvira it was fun to sit and enjoy the life. Grandi always makes everything sweet.

We were also out one day with our family and celebrated my and Elvira's success in applying to the schools we wanted. It was so nice to spend a night out with them and eat something else than pizza in Rosso :)

loved everything <3

Sunday, July 17, 2011


This weekend has been nice ! Friday was perfect, first it was all about working but even that was fun :)! Then I met Elina and we went out twith her, Elvira, Henna and Suvi to see Raappana perform. After that it was time to hang out in the port and then we went to Kharma. There was this foamparty and Raappana and eveyone was out! It was so nice to see old friends and sit at the terrace and dance. After all that fun we were hungry so I left the place with Sanni and we went to Angela to grab some pizza. It was so full in every pizzeria but luckily we only had to wait 5mins ! haha.

Well saturday was all about chilling. I went aout with my sisters and red a book. It was a perfect don´t have to do anything- day. Before sleeping I watched the movie Orphans. It was weird... and I cried. Ehhe ehhe... I always cry while watching a movie... At least I had a perfect time before it- full of joy!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Love the melody of life

...when every life is a symphony. The sound of it drops and rises all over again. Life is amazing you know, it always surprises you in good and in bad. I´m happy when I know that whenever the melody drops there´s something much more powerfull to lift it up again. =)

 It´s a big storm in here and I am at work by bycicle... How am I going to go back home... It´s not that safe out there. I forgot my umbrella and my phone. So it´s reepy not to be able to call someone or text to calm me down. My parents and sisters went to Helsinki, Elvira has some shootings to do and the rest of them are going to Ikea to get something we both need for our apartments. It´s much easier for me to think about this stuff than what´s happening outside the window... This storm really is bad one! Hey you guys in army... you really are lucky bastards ;).

So now I have home in Kuopio too. If I start counting them... I would say that I have 6 places that I call home. The best thing about my new home is it´s shape, how much it really looks like my old one in Jyväskylä (Elvira's now) and Minna (my childhood friend) lives right across the hallway :D It´s gonna be fun, but the moving part isn´t... :D We visited Rosso and Amarillo and all other shops. I bought ballerina shoes, running shoes and something nice for Elina. I think the food-part was the one I enjoyed the most. ;)
 Something nobody can resist...

 BBQ Chicken: aura-cheese switched to red onion
And now it´s time to go our with Elina, Suvi and Henna. Raappana is here ! Love his songs!

Friday, July 8, 2011

I´m coming home, I´m coming home tell the world I´m coming home - I wish

Oh dear god how much I miss Bosnia and Croatia. Summer is nothing without them. It´s just like that. This is my second summerholiday in Finland in my entire life. I´ve never spent July in Finland, it´s odd now. It really feels like something is missing and there is this heavy sac or something in my chest when I think about this. I could cry now cause this really makes me sad now. I had a plan to go to Salzburg and visit Mirela but then her mom told her they are going somewhere else. I could probably go there too but... My school starts then too soon and I think it would be better for me to live in Kuopio at least few days before it. I don´t now, everything is a mess now! At least I know few things: 1. I have to work on July 2. I´m going to Pipefest on August. 3. I have to move. So if you see me there come and say hello :)! This fragile no 4 is my trip and another one, no 5 is for my trip to Helsinki- I NEED to visit the zoo! :D

As you can see- I just can´t say NO to the place.