Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Yea we had our freshmen-cruise, It went well but the weather was a real badass b. Well at least we had a nice time and all organized happenings were great (I loved to "fish" chocolate and all surprice-bags!!) Gins made the night sweet but I was home probably at 11 pm and had a tee-time with my neighbour Minna :D. I think it was much better way to enjoy my freetime than by sitting in this bar called Apteekkari. I don´t really like the place at all.

I also went to Jyväskylä and we had such a nice weekend in there. Jenna had her b-day party and it was so nice to see everybody again :) It was so different night but it really was so fun, chill and the mood was just great, relaxed and great. It was nice to play different games and eat delicious cupcakes and chips. I think I´ll get the pictures from the party too, but maybe later. Jyväskylä never lets me down, that´s for sure :) And my darlings, they neither<3

Now it´s time to take a shower, tomorrow I have to wake up at 6 am to go take some blood tests. I have to be awake AND up at least 2 hours before it. I also had this radiation lab today and it was really fun to play with gamma rays... :D

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Walk the river and other things I love when it´s raining

I know now for sure that it´s autumn. Today I had the priviledge to wear my raincoat again and go to school by bycicle (not the most wonderful combo in such a hurry but...). It was still nice to come back home when I just could pedal my bike slow, smell the air and grass and the sweet scent from rotting apples. It was just nice to wonder around and be amazed. Everyday is not a "oh I love the rain"- day (when you have something you´de like to do without umbrellas and raincoats like having picnics out). But what do I actually love about rain and the autumn?

-All trees are dressed in different colours from yellow to pinky red. It´s so wonderful.
- Wearing sweaters and leather jackets
- Nights with candles and big pillows
- Hot chocolate with some spices: chili, cinnamon, mint, ginger, clove, allspice, peppermint, marshmellows, smarties, caramel... etc
- The sound of rain on my windows, it´s such a great way to fall asleep
- Walking around with your umbrella and just watching around, the nature is so beautiful
- Going to pick some berries, mushrooms and eating new apples directly from the trees
- Baking and cooking- I always get excited and have enough time to do that
- Autumn makes me wanna decorate my home, each year
- Seeing your breath
- Long walks at night
- You always have time for yourself- you can have a spa at your home :)
- When you can´t go out- you can always go to the gym 
- Watching great movies
- Hugging and kissing in chillllllllly weather- makes you warm :)
- Jumping in big piles of leaves
- Seeing how raindrops go down your window and guessing which one is going to be first
- Watching calm lakes and the amazing mist above it
- Autumn sunsets
- Lightning the fireplace
- Wearing scarves and mittens
- Pumpkins- nothing more to add
- Morning fogs
- Flushed ckeeks
- Listening to the sound when leaves drop off
- Dressing up- so much more great opportunities to mix and match
- Crispy and fresh air- makes you happy and cheery
- Listening to the good music with no hurry, for exc. this song :)

(Pictures weheartit.com)

Yep I think I love autumns too :) Hope you do too!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

first time running in ages !

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This is what one of my basic schooldays looks like. I usually wake up too late (not that I couln´t wake up earlier but I always put sleeping before eating, doing my hair etc...). I never take a shower before school because I prefer taking showers before going to sleep. That´s how I usually don´t have to use a diffuser and my hair stays in much better condition. I don´t even use irons usually. I just let my hair be as it wants, and with little amounts of styling creams, hair sprays and different masks etc it looks good. I have never dyed my hair and I´m thinking that maybe I could try highlights (so that it looks like sun has done them). Maybe, maybe...

I came just home straight after school and went running for the first time in maybe five years. I have had big problems with my knees and I haven´t been able to run without feeling the pain. Yesterday I just felt brave enough to try. I have warmed out by bycicle before going to the lake valkeinen (one of the most beautiful places to jog in here in Kuopio) so I only had to do quick streching. I decided to run 2km and walk 1km for now and it was quite easy. I still think it was better not to go any further now and let my legs to adapt to this. I just felt so great after that and after a loooong long shower that it was time to have a girls tee-time with my neighbour Minna. :) We had planned to watch Borat but it was just so lame movie that we rather searched for the stupid songs and laughed at them.. :D Basic.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend at my parents :)

Why is it all about food when you go to meet your parents and sisters? I can´t say that I´m one of those students who only eat noodles and shit that has no good nutrients etc in it. I always make sure that I can afford to eat good and healthy because without that I wouldn´t have enough energy to study, to have fun or to excercise. Noodle-diet is not even an option. I made those rolls with my sister Sabina on saturday. We had also great beefsteaks, potatoes and peppersauce and  chickensallad. The best breakfast was thoug that raspberry-fitness-non-flavoured-youghurt and honey- thing. I love it and it really gives the great boost for the day and you don´t even crave for candy after it. I really think that we all should think what we eat and try to avoid white sugar, white wheat and trans-fats as good as possible. That´s a good start to give yourself a favor your body will not forget.

I had to wait Anni and her friends to come and get me... First I went out two hours too early.... yea silly me. I just stood there and wondered why aren´t they coming. :) ...second time I went out I had to wait for them for 30 minutes but I wasn´t even frustrated- It was such a nice weather that I enjoyed my time out. :) I went out with my friends too on friday. Iina and Tiia had a housewarming party and we has so much fun there. I have no pictures from the evening because I forgot my camera as usual....

Sunday, September 18, 2011

last days of summer holiday

I went to Jyväskylä two weeks ago to meet Teemu and Jenna. I forgot my memo-stick there so I´m little late with this post. It was the last warm weekend this year though and I enjoyed it soooo much. There were "only" sun, great food, my two very best people on this planet, great B&J ice cream (but this Nordic peace is not my favourite), the city center and love and laugh to keep me company. By saying "only" I mean there wasn´t tv nor computer there in my sisters home (my old home). What more could I wish for? Nothing :) I loved all walking down the streets at night, shopping and eating and watching birds how they took a bath in the fountain. Oh and yes I also met my friend Merim and we went to the terrace to drink mojitos and enjoy the weather. It was my first real mojito (made like it should be made) and it really was something! While not having all electronics in there I had to invent something new to do- something I usually can´t do because of the lack of time- I wrote my diary and sat on the window and waved with my feet to the whole world. The sun just shone and the warm wind blow and I couln´t stop smiling. I know I´m happy :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

All you need is...

The sun is shining! I think that crossing our fingers helped. I woke up from a terrible nighmare at 9am. Hate that feeling of anxiety you have after dreaming bad things. Luckily there was this sun cheering me up when I realized I don´t have to wear my raincoat again and one pretty nice SMS that made me smile and realize everything is ok :). Then I had to go to my physics lesson and I bought the ticket to the freshmens cruise also! I think it´ll be fun :)! Then I just came home and started washing dishes... I still have to clen up the rest of my home and pack for my trip to Mikkeli tomorrow. One thing I found were these shos I bought from Mango maybe 3 years ago, I decided to cut those leatherthings that go around your ankle and now I Love them! They look so much better on my feet and don´t "cut" my legs like they did. I also have to study today after all this clening and finish planning my timetable. For the award I´ll eat those yammy Jacky puddings I love<3 Everything will be done that´s for sure but now let´s just concentrate to enjoying the weather and the sun. :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Say hello to toga!

I forgot to tell you about this toga party we has last week. I wasn´t planning going there but then my friend Anni called my an hour before the party begun that I must come with her and her friends. Luckily I went, we had some candy, made ourselves togas out from old sheets, put some wannabe-greek jewellery on and drove to the place. Togas are for medicine students in here. There was this sauna we didn´t go but oh boy.... everyone was naked in there. Maybe that´s a great way to learn about human anatomy? :D We though kept out togas on tightly. I´m not so comfortable in my own skin just to wonder around naked in front of a bunch of strange people. Minna (my neighbour who lives in the very same trap and floor as I do) who is my good childhood fiend is coming here soon. We are about to start watching  something from the telly and dring some good night tee together. :) I like theese kind on living arragements! You have your own place and space to decorate, to clean to mess it up, to cook, to wonder around naked and to meet your friends, but there´s always someone who is near enough to have a brunch with or to who give your extra- burana. :)

.... and oh boys it´s still raining.... I hate going to the lectures by bycicle when it´s raining. I have my raincoat on but legs are always just wet! Hopefully it´s going to be much more better wather tomorrow! Cross your fingers for it!

- Herminica :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

dipers and yoga...

Hello :)

So my studies have begun here in the University in Kuopio. I´m studying Health Biosciences in Biomedicine. I like it in here, even if haven´t got a timetable yet....:D I´ve met nice people in there and I really have to say that I really enjoy it in here. Even if I love Jyväskylä as a town I like this uni and the places where I have my lectures and the spirit in here. Ok Kuopio is kind of a dull place compared to Jyväskylä and Helsinki but I still like it. I´ve found my new thing..... yoga.... It´s nice to do yoga and these videos are actually great :)! I needed to share them with somebody so that you´ll feel good too :). http://www.youtube.com/user/sadienardini.

We had a City-orientation competition in here, and we had a bunch of teams that all had to invent how they´ll dress up, what they will be called and the things they´ll do to win it. We had different tasks to do around the city center, there was everything from drinking a raw egg after trying to move it from spoon to spoon, swimming in the fountain and dancing with the cucumbers in our pants. It was really so much fun and after all that we went to Puikkari to dance and enjoy the rest of the night. You can try to guess whose team won it all? ;) MINE. haha. Thanks to the dipers, our sexy justin bieber songs and all kinf of silly games. :D