Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chocolate bilberries

I said it. Chocolate bilberries. Had to repeat. I´m just so hooked on them. They are healthy, and I can just keep on eating them. Ok my tongue gets too blue when theese guys are around, so it´s not really possible to eat them for example at Uni. I have been working and organizing.... my everything. My head, this home, school and work stuff... I have woke up at 04.45 am a few times in a row because of my working shedule. I have still managed to get to the lectures and do the tasks for the courses. Things that are considering my moving are more or less put aside. At least Johanna and Kalle made me a greeting card that was waiting for me here. :) Haha. I also managed to burn my wrist with the boiling hot coffee at work... So lucky me... it´s still red and sore even if I had cold on it for 11 hours during my day... :( I think I should go running now, the weather is so bad but I´m too bored to sit at home alone. My head needs some fresh air and my mind needs a break from thinking. (Or do I just need more bilberries to keep my mouth shut?...)