Tuesday, August 24, 2010

EUROTRIP 2010 - PART 2 - Last days in Basel and Sarajevo

Hello! So here it is, part 2 of my trip. The first part was the one from Mikkeli all down to Basel and I´ve published it in July. :) I love Europe, I really do. And I love the feeling -" I´m home!" This year I´ve noticed that wherever I go I´m always at home. I´m used to Finland, when I go abroad I hear boasnian or croatian languages all the time, guess why? Cause there is no place on earth without people from ex-yu. When I got lost on one ferry from Sweden to Denmark I went to ask help from a woman who worked there. She began with swedish but then she looked at me and switched to bosnian. I just stood and stared at her! I heard bosnian at every gas station weather in Sweden or in Germany. When in Basel, we used trams a lot. Our friends and relatives spoke german and bosnian. I´ve studyed german for 8 years and I can understand almost everything. So I wanted to speak some private stuff that no one could understand and switched to bosnian (this always works in Finland!), but guess what... I noticed that almost third of passengers was listening to me. Ha ha, they understood. So if you go somewhere, just speak finnish and no one will understand, forget bosnian. 

I think this was the morning I fell down the stairs. My aunt has a house of three layers so... Thank God it didn´t left me any marks even though I was in pain for one week. =(

Oh boy, so we spent our days BBQing, relaxing, shopping and sitting along the river at night. It was so nice to buy some snacks, pick a cup of icecream and laugh with friends. I´m going to see them next year too if everything goes well :). It was hard to say goodbye to them, my aunt is the best on this planet, she just loves us and we all love her and she is just so dear to us. I hope she comes to visit us this year! It´s just so hard when the biggest part of your family lives abroad, you just can´t see them as often as you´d like... but when we do... oh God you could start fireworking, it´s awwwwwww(esome)! :)

Our trip from Basel to Bosnia took us 12 hours in traffic jam. The biggest was in M√ľnchen like every previous year. We just played cards and ate the whole time. We arrived home at 8pm and then it was all about cleaning the whole house from the roof all down to the floors! :D All that took 4 hours, our dad went to buy us some pizza from Mexx (worlds best pizza!) and then we were ready to go to sleep.

I absolutely love Kozarac and Prijedor! Prijedor is my hometown where I´ve born. Kozarac is located in the Prijedor Municipality, near the city of Prijedor. It is located 10 km east of Prijedor and 45 km west of Banja Luka. It has it´s own center called charsija. People's own houses are located in those little cities, but Kozarac and Sanica are maybe the most rich ones. Kozarac is known as "The biggest little city in the world". :) People have there their own villas, where they come when ever they feel like coming, when they want to party, relax and meet some own people. Unfortunately we who don´t live in central Europe can´t go there so often.  People even from Berlin and Paris go there to spend their own weekends in their own privacy and when they feel like they miss the Balkan spirit... and I really do miss it.

Going to Sarajevo!

We spent three days in Kozarac and surrounding cities before we continued to Sarajevo - the capital city of Bosnia-Herzegovina. We have family and friends there so that finding a place to sleep and for luggages was not a problem. Sarajevo is maybe the most unique city in Europe, it´s a mixture of south, east and west. You can find mosques, synagogas and churches right next to big bazar and a big glass high-rise blocks. You can sip coctails and eat burek or spaghetti bolognese on one side of the street and smoke nargilas on the other. If you want something more extreme go to a rafting on a river Neretva- it´s turquoise, beautiful and ah so relaxing while, at the same time, it really boosts your adrenaline levels up. You can also go hiking to the mountines where the winter olympics were held on 1984. If you want to know more about the history, there´s no better place than sarajevo- you can still see the bullet holes, visit the museums or just walk and see some old holes on the ground from granats that are filled with a red color to remind people of war- we call them The roses of Sarajevo. But the most important thing to remember is that Sarajevo never sleeps.

Sarajevo's "egytean icecream" <3

Oh I love it :) <3

pt 3 will be all about Baske Vode and Brela ! pt 4 all about Kozarac and Prijedor and pt 5 about the stuff I bought :)