Thursday, April 26, 2012

and the starfish is left alone

After fun starts the work. I still have to pack and get myself ready for the Helsinki trip that starts tomorrow. I´m hungry too... I have to make myself a breakfast before I can study, Kalinka and 0,5l's of hot chocolate was not enough I suppose :D I found also one ring with the starfish on it, I have to buy that one too, it was just too beautiful :) Who could resist seeing the starfish wrapping around your finger? ... Well I can't. And I want another doze of my hot chocolate but my fridge is running out of milk :(

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My opsaa face...

 My basic oopppsaaa face is on. You could almost stick me with the needle and I would get empty like a balloon on this photo... I get it when I realize that I have forgotten to do something and I already have too many things on my to do -list but too little time for them - then I remember that I still have 3 more exams to do before the exam I have been preparing myself... Oh shit. And those exams are hard, they consist of 20op's and they really take time from my real work... I think that I´m screwed now. If I don´t get in this year, I will really not do any uni studies next spring so that I can just concentrate on the most important thing to me. I would really really want to study the basic clinical medicine and homeopathy, not biomedicine that I´m studying now. I want to help patients on different level I´m helping now. I don´t want to do the research for medicine and be the specialist in translational medicine, I mean I like it, but my dream has always been to be a doctor and help people, go to developing countries and help people there with no profit and help to identify people who were buried in mass graves during wars. Maybe that way I could help my family finding our yet missing relatives, my uncles etc... + I really want to be that kind of doctor who is not recommending just pharmaceutical medicines but who would be able to give alternative treatments like homeopathy etc. I´m in panic now... I don´t have enough time.

I had my security trainig today at Sokos Hotel and we got really good breakfast, lunch and dessert from Fransmanni. Now I just have to go back to chill with my books again and plan my trip to Helsinki this weekend and Vappu. :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

paratiisii ja päättömiä bambeja

This is how I look after waking up too early, my lips are swollen and bleeding because I´m always biting my lips at sleep and my hair gets all curly. After woking up I headed to the gym with Alli, we had a really good workout together and after that we went to eat some spinach ravioli. I came home after buying some groceries and then it was time to take a bath. I have even finished my work in biochemisty now. Pheew, I still have to go to the school tomorrow morning to make a little presentation about it. Now I have to study some more before the girls come here to watch Desperate housewifes with me :)
Ps. If somebody needs a rental housing for summer (june-august) from Kuopio, please contact me :)!


+ I really have to get those sandals in black too :) That Friis&company's lot cover is something I really need now for my phone. I don´t want it's screen to get scratches on it. As you can see, this dress was one of  four I was about to buy, unluckily my basket got empty every time I tried to pay :( Well at least I got this one! Now I have to go to sleep, tomorrow morning I have to go to the gym with Alli. After that I have to visit the grocery store and get something to eat, call my employer and one doctor appointment. :) Can´t wait for that! I will tell about it later, I just have to get more info etc before and visit the clinic.  :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sabina 18


Tomorrow my youngest sister will be 18 years old. I can´t really understand that she is an adult now too :D She celebrated her bday fith her friends a week ago, and now this weekend it was time to celebrate it with us. We bought her presents, made her a sacher cake, food and other good stuff to eat. As you can see it was a really happy day :) My stomach is still really full and I can´t imagine myself eating anything for a while... :D I was really into those strawberries! Maybe one of the best ways to eat them is when they are covered with chocolate. yum yum .. :) I still have to study some biochemistry today, so I should probably continue now :) Have a great Sunday! I will have, I´m so happy to see Sabina laughing<3

ps. I bought a new phone this week, feeling like an anti-geek now... :D

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

something new again

Look at this video, it´s amazing :) Guys from Finland in Bosnia, doing one thing they love in a contry really dear to me. I love to see how the both of my homelands make this really great coctail together! :) Enjoy watching ! Thanks to Nipwitz. I have never been there during the winter... but now I can see everything in really good quality and great humor. :)

...and here I am, just arrived to Mikkeli. Want to go to sleep now, but before that I decided to put these things here, shoes are from and that poncho is from PLNDR. I´m not really sure if this makes any sence now... :D I just don´t want to tell you that I have to study some physics this entire month now... :) I think that is even more boring than watching this particular post, with just pictures of clothes/shoes. najaa.... I had an amazing weekend, I met my friends, made some blueberry pie, we had the first BBQ evening this year and I watched two good movies and one pretty interesting documentary about humans. :) I will come back here soon with better photos and better things to tell you about. I don´t really like to make posts about the stuff that is new with nothing else to tell.... :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

the spring came and 15cm's of my hair cut off

Is there more left to say? :D I love this weather! I was at school, we had a emergency first aid, and our teacher said I was great :) We had this doll that was monitored very carefully by computers and different sensors and it gave us the feedback the entire time. We had also a cuff and a stethoscope and they taught us how to measure the blood pressure. Tomorrow it´s going to be all about the lungs.... and then work. :( 

Now I´m doing this essay about the proteins and aminoacids in biochemistry. I still have a lot to do before going to Minna's place across the corridor to watch Desperate Housewifes with her, Johanna and Ville. I think that I could also grab something to eat now, I have been out the entire sunny day. I´m loving the fact that summer is going to be here soon! :)

ps. the photos are from my last weekend in Mikkeli and in train... :DDD

Jyskylä- a few weeks ago

My weekend at Jyväskylä was awesome. I went there at 5 am.... :D Yes you can call me a madman. I was the only person awake at that time, streets were dead and even the traffic lights were off. I chose to go to Jyväskylä that early because my sister needed to visit the doctor. I called her a reception time and went there with her. She had aphonia and it was so weird to talk so much to her, when she couldn´t respond to me :D At least I had enough time to tell her everything :))) We went shopping, ate the breakfast at wilhelmiina café, met my friend Emmi at Arnolds and went to the grocery store to get everything for the pancakes. Elvira and Iiris went to the b-day party for two hours while I took a nap. Then they came back and we got ourselves ready for the TPH and Bra. My crew arrived and we went directly to Jenna's place to pick her up. TPH was good and I really enjoyed my stay in there, I met so many of my friends in there that it really was a happy time for me :) After that we went to the Hesburger to grab something to eat. After that it was a time to go around the block to Elvira's place (my previous home :) ) and guys continued their journey to Katse. We stayed at Jenna's place and the next morning was all about the movie "Pingviinien matkassa" and crisps. Then it was time to leave and say goodbye to my babies. 

I left all alone in there, but luckily I had plans for the evening too. I went to Meeri's place to meet my Jkl friends, we made a cake and played with her gerbils before entering the bar Ruma. It is one of my absolute favourite places. I hadn´t had so much fun for a while and it really was a good decision to meet them all again! :) I can´t wait to go there...! You can imagine how I felt when I had to come back to Kuopio, it was like someone had swept me off my feet. Luckily Alli and Minna were at the same train with me, (they were in a bad hangover and it was kinda hilarious to watch them surviving of all those bumps...) :D.