Monday, December 26, 2011

This was our Bajram

So as you can see, Bajram is similar to Christmas at least in my country, we only celebrate it twice a year. One of them lasts three days and second four days. We have too much to eat, we exchange presents, decorate our home if we feel like doing it, visit our relatives and listen to music and party. So its kinda happy celebration with rakia and other "drinks of joy" :) You can see chocolate fudge fondants with raspberries and vanilla sauce, raspberry pie, halva, baklava's, fruits, deer meat, creamy potatoes, salads and filled paprikas. I love celebrating Bajram and I´ve got so many good memories of my childhood that are ralated to Bajram :) I´m just happy that we have it two times a year :)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

and then to weheartit:

This is all I want to wish you :) My family is not going to celebrate Christmas, but tomorrow we are going to do that with our cousins. It´s going to be about me, my sisters Elvira and Sabina and cousins Elma, Elvis and Elvisa. Today I´m going to watch plenty of movies, drink hot glögi (Skandinavian mulled wine), eat ginger breads and watch all those wonderful movies and Disney cartoons I want. :) You can see the third photo above, that´s how it looked like here when I woke up, there is so much snow now<3

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Black holes

And again... I´m always dreaming about really odd things. I don´t know what kind of dreams people usually dream about, but mine... They consist of fairytales and Disney characters, danger, movie-scenes, random people, odd creatures, glittery trees, houses made of 10 other familiar homes to me (for excample every room can be from a different place in reality), I can split into two and speak to myself from both bodies, I can fly, dive without needing any oxygen, fight against bears or wolfs with my daggers that are always in my left boot or just fish and then notice that I have no shirt on and I keep getting really beautiful and colourful and glowing fish that talk to me and then I just pick them up and put in my bucket and take them to eat some ice cream with me or we can just take a cab to the moon and then talk about laws of physics together... Me and my fish. Yep I know.

This time my dream was just as random as always. I was in a random shopping center that looked like my previous University building at Jyväskylä. Then one of the popular bloggers came and asked me and my sisters and cousins to keep her company at this pretty odd bench...? I was located in the middle of this giant field and the grass was really tall. This bench had some kind of holes in it and this grass stack out of them. We all six sat on this little bench (how is that even possible with these butts we have?) and then those tassels of grass stack out from our crotches. We just held on to them with both hands like men usually do with their p's. Okay... it´s not over yet... We continued our journey to our old neighborhood from childhood and broke into our old home. New owners felt so sorry for us when we told them that we were homeless (yeah right- our plan worked!) that they gave us their balcony to live in (it was my favourite place in there). The landscapes I saw from there in that dream were something beyond the....everything. It was the mixture of everything; sea, mist, mountains, forests, glitter, rain, sun, rainbows, different colours, old castles, beach, islands....- and they all moved like if it was a track we watched. I wanted to take a picture of everything I saw but Elvira's camera worked like skates on the asphalt. Luckily I got this remote control to play and stop and to wind back everything by controlling the BLACK HOLE under the balcony!! It made the landscapes move and destroyed them like they usually do to the material that goes in them. Hell yea, what an imagination...

pictures weheartit

I think that I should try to find a dreamcatcher and let it do the magic. I do like all the weird things about my dreams but I could dream less about scary things. I guess that this old tradition of wise and old tribes could maybe help... or then just be a nice decoration on my wall... :D Maybe even some fairy dust could do the trick or then I just have to start opening these pandora boxes I get every evening I go to the bed and just keep guessing what´s about to happen this time... Exciting, scary and joyful thing to do.. :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It´s not nice to see just one candy alone in the bag

I woke up at 11 am today, got myself ready and went out with Pauliina. We ate at Rami's confectionery and went shopping after that. She bought some Xmas presents and I had to buy basic things from new eyeshadow to curlers (for hair). It was nice to spend some time together again. One thing that I miss nowadays is my "old friends". I hate the fact that we all live far from each others and can't hang out together when it´s boring. I do like my new friends from Kuopio yes, but we meet so rarely that... yea it´s kinda lonely to be there if  Minna or Anni etc (girls from Mikkeli again, who live in Kuopio too) aren´t around. I just hope that it will get easier but I doubt it. At least I can run away from that city every weekend and feel happy for doing that. It´s just so boring to go out for a walk at evenings alone. Want to know why? Because there is no one out or there is no one to keep you company! It´s like the dead city at evenings compared to other cities that big. I´m that kind of a person who NEEDS people and some bustle around! Kuopio could be good only if people in there would be more lively, would know that they can´t run over you while walking/driving a car or a bike, would say even thank you if you help them and smile. Every time I go out I have to rip my hair because of the frustration and bad bicycle paths (wait a minute I haven´t even seen them... and the middle aged women start to shout to you if you want to WALK your bike beside you along the walkway- yep good for you). Luckily I´ve got my dear friends who I can talk to when ever I want and need, I can meet them when we are in the same city even if it´s not enough. At least I can enjoy my time now and be as social as I want and Kuopio is not going to ruin it<3

Chocolate-liqourice from Punnitse&Säästä, I just LOVE them
Some make up, nail colour and new eyeshadow-brush.

And then hot water bottle, curlers and a new body lotion because I forgot all of them to Kuopio.

Now it´s time to make some meatballs--->

Monday, December 19, 2011

'we must stand together, hand in hand forever'


This weekend was just great, my holiday began and the stress is off my shoulders for now. I had great time at Kpää again and now I´m in Mikkeli at my parents house. It was so nice to meet my friends again and kinda leave my brains to Kuopio. I still brought my books to Mikkeli though because days can really be boring while Xmas; every place is closed and all my friends are on their own laptops inside and they cant´t go out. At least there are so many good Disney cartoons on Tv every year! + I really hope that there will be ice so that I could go at least skating!!

Now I have to show you my new jeans and my new knit from GT. Why am I so excited because of my jeans? Because they are my first in 5 years... :D I have this pretty not so usual shape of hips so that no jeans really flatter my figure. Except of theese Kristen jeans. Ok I could have taken the size 25/32 because this is a little too big now, but maybe next time. At least I have now one pair of jeans I can really be comfortable of wearing. One thing is sure now... they won´t be my last. (ok I do have jeans in my closet but they don´t fit me anymore, or they are just too stretched etc...)

And the change of topic: I really don´t understand why people (including me this time) tolerate the bad feeling more than it should be tolerated. Why not try to solve things that are responsible of causing it to us as soon as possible? I really have to step up in this. All you need is to open your mouth and get some voice (ok not just the basic amaammamamööömm.. but the real words) out of you to break the ice and start the conversation (You´ll possibly notice that the other one of you has waited for that amaammamamööömm for those long 5 hours). You just have to be brave and believe that nothing bad is going to happen because of your effort- it can be tiny and not really convincing with sounding brave or strong- but it´s still something. It can still be enough for the other person to relax and be able to solve things out for the best. All you really have to do is to be brave- nothing more- but sometimes even that can be a big barrier to someone who really is not used to those moments, or who has only bad memories of being brave. Just remember: believe in yourself and everything will be just fine. At least I´ll try.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One more schoolday and then.... Holiday!

pictures weheartit

...and this is what I want from it. Okay okay of course I want to party, eat a lot, see my friends, talk a lot, kiss while snow is falling down, look at the fireworks, scream, bake, enjoy sucking the spaghetti into my mouth, spice my hot schocolate with cinnamon and ginger, eat chistmas chocolates, throw snowballs at my dad, point at the grey scquirrels when they run across the street, go skating, laugh when I fall down (I´m just waiting for it), read and pet all the dogs I meet....just for excample. 
Yes I´m kinda happy, my exams are behind me... ok I have one 13th of J.... (and I have to read to it on my vacation... how fun is that? + we´ll see how my plan is going to´s not). I have lectures tomorrow from 8 am to 12pm and then again from 6.40 pm to 8.10pm. Between them I will probably go to the store to buy some food and then hmmm... I have to calculate physics. But now I have this little something to shock guys.... especially you T :---) HAHA.

Something I just got from Nelly :

Now I will be a mini-giant...

I have to go to take a shower now, Good Night :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Love all my exams and Bambi

Here I am studying my head off. I´ve got two exams next week and right after my winter holiday I have one to come. I´m little stressed about many things now, I can´t sleep and I hope that changing my sleeping-rhythm is going to help. Now I´m still waiting for my breakfast to be ready and then I still have to go to school this evening. After that I have some tasks to do and I still have to pack before tomorrow. Well at least my other tasks are almost done (like xmas shopping...). At least past weekend was perfect again and gave me some strength to cope with all this :)
This weekend I´m going to Mikkeli to meet my friends and family. My dad had a surgery on monday so I really want to see how he is doing now. I also want to buy myself new jeans and this really beautiful cat´s eye from IVANA Helsinki. I´m really into it ! :D Aarikka makes great cat´s eyes too and I think I could buy to my sister Sabina the one with the owl... she is really into the owls... ( +cat´s-eyes are cheap and stylish way to keep yourself safe!)

Ok I really need it....and want it and need it.

Friday, December 2, 2011

New boots to prevent the spongebob-feeling

These are my new boots from Asos. They are real leather and very comfortable. I bought size 4 / 37 and it´s too big. But I did it on purpose because I´m planning to put in woolen insole and woolen leg-part to keep me warm. I just couldn´t handle a second day like on Wednesday...  I went to school at 7.30am after two hours of sleep. On my way I had Ugg boots on and it was raining + snow was melting. 2,5km and that weather... You just know it can´t end well. First I noticed that my Uggs had turned into two giant black Spongebobs, they were so full on water that I could literally feel the cold water going back and forth between my toes. It was so disgusting! :D My spongebobs were so heavy that my walking reminded me of children in their mom's shoes. The best part was yet to come.... I fell into a puddle on my knees and hands. :) I was totally wet and my knee became bruised (It´s still black and swollen). Because of my sponge's I was late from my math test, luckily I had enough time to solve it and I felt pretty good after it. Then I remembered my wet outfit and decided to put shoes and other stuff on the radiator. :D After 6 hours of anatomy and cutting the eye balls I returned to the radiator and everything was almost dry... and I still had to walk 2,3km back home... I decided to put plastic bags on my feet and walk home like that haha!

We had another "pikkujoulut" at Isa's place that same evening. It was really nice to go there by bike (7km) and prevent the spongebob-attack! We just ate and talked and ate and drank.... Then I came home at 2 am and I really have never driven a bike that fast! Oh and about those first pikkujoulut at Anni's place- they were a success ;) Now I have to clean this place and eat something. After that I´m going to reward myself with a nice bubblebath and meeting Teemu (and maybe Minna and Mia) :)!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Getting ready....

I decided to put one of my old photos here. I really liked that cut on my hair. I have to go to cut my hair again but I´m totally afraid of going to the hair saloon. They always cut too much, make my hair look like I´m the singer in some rock band and then they even style it totally wrong making my face look really round. I really have to find a good hairdresser who knows what she/he is doing and has ears. I don´t want to make this hair any shorter than it is in this picture but I still want that they make it light, thick and take off all the bad ends they can. I have to stop cutting my hair on my own- I do it if I found too many split ends... I had school today and I had to walk 4kms. Then I met Minna and we went shopping together. Now we are getting ready to celebrate girls "pikkujoulut" at Anni's place. It´s going to be hmmm.... interesting because a product demonstrator is coming there too from HotLips... Girls, girls, girls... :D

Saturday, November 26, 2011

About my love for snowflakes

pictures Weheartit

I decided to make a list about the things I love in Winter. I know that winter can really suck sometimes and it  really isn't fun to be in dark the whole 2 to 3 months, be in a hurry and notice that you can´t drag your luggage on wheels, go to a store a notice that you are totally in sweat because you have too much clothes on and your skin in so pale and hair is always giving kisses to the walls around you. I think that maybe winter is really for loving and enjoying your own time. We just have to think about things we enjoy in it and remember them when we feel like winter could kiss our pale asses.

1. I love curling up in front of the fireplace
2. You can always light up candles and enjoy the beautiful view they make
3. Marshmellows... you know when there is fire there is always a time for them
4. I love knitted things from woolen socks to mittens, shirts, scarves and hats
5. The air is always so fresh... it really brightens up my day
6. When it´s always dark you can at least enjoy all the christmas lights on streets
7. New Year's party, fireworks and those sparklers !!
8. I love cuddling when it´s cold outside, it makes me feel special
9. I love wearing funny and warm slippers
10. What is better than wrapping yourself in a cozy and warm blanket?
11. Bubblebaths and sauna after being out... aah
12. It´s a perfect time to sip mulled wine, hot tea and hot chocolate around the clock
13. I love skating on ice ! I really mean it! I loveeeee it!
14. There is nothing funnier than catching snowflakes with my tongue!
15. You know how it looks like when everything is in frost, there's so much white snow around.... and the sun starts shining and the sky is blue! I love the way snow starts sparkling like thousands of diamonds...
16. It´s so nice to see how little dogs get totally excited in snow.... :D it makes me smile
17. I love making snowmen and all kind of snow fights
18. I love making and eating ginger breads... and decorating them!
19. There´s no better chocolate than Fazer's two different winter chocolates!
20. Winter always reminds me of dreaming... you know you have so much time for yourself that you really have time to think about stuff. Because of this I always want to visit Lapland, rent a cottage for two and enjoy the time there without stress.
21. I really admire the way nature acts. Have you ever really looked at the shape of snowflakes? They are... something beyond amazing.
22. I like the sound of walking on the snow. 
23. It´s just so pure. White makes everything so beautiful and the way how it rains on trees... Wow.
24. Laying in the snow.
25. You have a long holiday and so much time to do things you want.
26. I like the way your cheeks turn to red- winter puts some cute blush to everyone.
27. I love to watch how birds eat.
28. Drawing in snow :)
29. Walking hand in hand when it´s snowing 
30. Knowing that no bear is going to attack you :---)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Helsinki calling :)

I´ve forgot to post about this trip to Helsinki. As you can see from my outfit, it has been much warmer then. I visited Helsinki to meet Elina, Teemu, Riku and Aku. We went to watch a movie in Maxim (I had never wanted to the toilet as badly as then...) and grabbed a lot of candy from Makuuni and visited Kaisaniemi Botanic garden for free of course :) We did some walking around Helsinki, made a great food at Elina's and Aku's place and found a treasure! Elina took the jewellery so that she could return them back to the police station. It was really exciting to go through the old stuff. We went to UniCafe to grab something to eat and I bumped into Merdiana, it was so nice to see her again! It has been a long time from the last time I saw her but she was still as beautiful as I remembered :). It was a wonderful trip and I can´t wait to go there back soon, I´m missing Helsinki even now- It so funny that I really lived there one and a half year ago and I havn´t visited it since moving away to Jyväskylä. I really have to go back some day. And I really liked Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden. I think that it´s even funnier to do something else than just shopping. I really wanted to visit Korkeasaari this summer too  but I´ll leave it to next summer! Yep I´m already planning it :D Maybe it´s just time to plan this winter first! ...I´m sorry about the number of pictures.... :D