Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Blue and white stripes

My feet... I can´t stand anymore. I have walked for 6km's today and stood for 6 hours at work. Tomorrow is not going to be any brighter... At least I had time to do my workout at the gym (Abs30 at Fressi) so I´m not feeling that lazy... (hmmph can I even say lazy when I haven´t even had time to sit down?) I don´t even know why should we even think like this: If you are not doing anything important like going to school, work or gym you absolutely get a stamp on your but that says LAZY. I mean... why shouldn´t we be allowed to sit, reed books, sleep and do "artsy" things like paint or go out without any responsibilities? Why do the activities like those have such a "bad" stigma on them? I have tried to come out of that box and think that those things are maybe not important for the society but they are important for my wellbeing. I think that I am allowed to enjoy the life, every one of us has deserved that same right. I try to get time for myself every day- a moment when I don´t have to do anything but instead I CAN do whatever I want.

I really can´t wait for a weekend to come. I have to study for my nutrition exam (6 op) that´s on Tuesday and my sisters and Eveliina are coming to visit me! :) I´m really excited about it! I still have to plan something for us to do... :) Masku (the shopping center) would be a nice place to go but... I think it´s better not to spend any more money now! Hmmph... I wan´t to go to the gym again now! Too bad that it´s closed now :D   ...Or maybe it´s only a good thing because I should be sleeping now.

Laku Noć :) This girl has to brush her teeth now :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Such a beautiful world it is

Running with Sabina, refreshing first snow and a beautiful sun :)

Presents ! Money is not in the photos :) And look at the little Bambi creatures!! :) I just love them... I´m actually obsessed with them... :D

The "riding boots" made of real leather ! I absolutely love them!

I´m a true animal lover. I´m kinda obsessed with dears, dogs, cats, horses, hedgehogs... Just name it. I´m really happy to get that pillow sheet from Marimekko ( I actually jumped on my bed...) , that Moomin thermos for the long school and work days and that Paola Suhonen's cat's-eye to protect me from being a dear in the spotlight. :) All in all I´m really pleased for the effort my family members did for me. 

I felt like a real horse girl too... (ok I was one when I was younger...) and fell in love with these boots. After walking in them for 9km's on snow and ice I couldn´t be more satisfied with myself. More than 100 euros less on my bank account but it´s definitely a sum worth my legs.

I´m having an exam of Immunology tomorrow. My day is going to be actually really long... Nutrition from 8am to 3pm, and the exam after that + a promoting instruction for one hour on the evening. I know- it will be a really hectic day and my stomach will be loud... I don´t have time to go to the lunch so I think I have to satisfy with apples I bought earlier... How fun is that? :/ Damn.

- Herminica

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Bajram happy birthday happy anniversary...

Getting ready for Sanni's birthday party and a Bajram meal

Shopping with Evi- I managed to buy myself new leather boots!

First snow in Mikkeli and a beautiful sunshine!

Many important occasions have chosen this weekend to be The One for them. We have been celebrating Bajram (the same thing as the Christmas is, but this is the fest that muslims celebrate twice a year), Sanni's birthday and even my parents were wed on this day for 23 years ago. So it's their anniversary too! I have eaten three different types of cakes, had too many glasses of  champagne and laughed a lot while having great dinners and granny and my cousins visiting us. I love those Bajram mornings when we all come home and wake up with a pile of presents under the blankets with us. That´s something our parents did for us even when we were little. 

I went shopping with Evi. We had a boot- mission. I saw leather boots and said to Evi that she should try them on. Well her calf wasn´t big enough... but mine was! So I had to buy them :) After that I went home to change and walked three km's with C to P. After that we had to head to Sanni and starts celebrating her and Väiski. :) We had such a great time together! Girls came there too and we ate cake, drank a candy-banana drink and laughed a lot. Girls were so beautiful and it was really nice to meet them all again. :) Sanni was beautiful b-day girl as always :)

Workouts this week:
Mon: Kettlebell workout for 60min + 6km's walk
Tue: Yoga for 45min
Wed: 6km's walk
Thu: 6km's walk
Fri: Les Mills Bodypump 45min
Sat: 3km walk
Sun: 30min run + 30min gym

Friday, October 26, 2012

EUROTRIP 2012 - PART 2 - Zagreb... finally home!

Getting ready in the morning. 

At the end of the day E broke her glasses :(. Here we're trying to see if we could fix them in any way.

We had such a good "night"sleep in the train... and were really relieved when we realized that  YEE WE ARE IN CROATIA AGAIN AND WE CAN SPEAK CROATIAN AND BOSNIAN FROM NOW ON!  It was such a good feeling to arrive to the Glavni kolodvor of Zageb. After a cold and really rainy summer in Finland combined with the freezing night on a bench in Budapest the sun and +35 degs were welcomed. First thing we wanted to do is to find a place to eat. We headed to one cute pizzeria where H ate raznjichi "chicken and vegetables on the stick" sallad and ate the local limunada. E and the guys decided to eat Bosnian Cevapcici and drink coke and local beer (Ozujsko, Karlovacko,...). 

The breakfast was really a moment when we came  back to ourselves after all travelling... It gave us a much needed strength to carry on. :) We decided to show guys the city parks and the white trees. Our mom lived in Zagreb when she was young and she told us that the trees looked exactly the same back then. Youngsters were chilling there, playing with the dogs or footballs and old people were just sitting on the benches and smiling. We loved the atmosphere in Zagreb- it just feeled like home (it takes around 2 hours by car from one of our homes (In Kozarac- Prijedor) to Zagreb). We decided to do some shopping in there because we didn´t exactly have too much tube tops with us... And the amount of sweating... yes those tops were much needed under the sun of Balkans. Yep it rained like zero times! :)

We spent only one day in Zagreb and at the end of it we had to say goodbye to our travel buddies J ant T. They helped us with our bags by carrying them in to the train and then hurried up to catch their own. They were heading towards Split and we were going to see our family in Prijedor and Kozarac. After sleeping the last night in train, this time the journey took us only couple of hours to get to our destination where our parents and Bincci were already waiting for us.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

EUROTRIP 2012 - PART 1 - To Budapest

This was only H's luggage! Can you imagine her dragging these 30 kg heavy luggage all around Balkan! Or getting them up on a train? Luckily we always found some men to curry our bags around :D.

Clouds... and an exploded atom boom? 

Pretty excited.... 
Finally in Budapest! At this point we were already starving and couldn't think about anything else but food. Unfortunately it took us multiple hours to find a good restaurant (where a hamburger costs 2000HUFs)!
When we arrived to Budapest we didn't  really have anything planned out. We just knew that we had to spend almost 12 hours there during the night. Booking a hotel sounded like a waste of money and time, so we just found ourselves a map  and started heading towards the Donube.

Finally we found this cute little restaurant that was full of local people. That's when we knew it had to be a good place, and it really was! The food was amazing! Or maybe we were just so hungry that anything would have tasted good  really :D.

After walking almost for 4 hours we arrived to our destination: Donube. At this point our legs were crying for rest, but we still had to walk back to Keleti. We had to stop to sit on a bench every 500 meters, that's how much it hurt.

Our train ticket to Zagreb! Our departure time was at 7 AM. It was so good to just fall asleep in the train after all that walking and shivering outside in the cold without proper clothing. Even the fact that sun was rising and it was really bright outside didn't disturb our good night sleep.

Our trip began on July (see the plan from here). Everything was packed in many bags, we had brand new passports and too many butterflies in our stomach! H spent almost a week in Jämsä because she was at Pipefest with her friends and E came to Tampere with our friends J and T (who were also going to interrail separately from us). We were really happy about getting on a plain and knowing that this trip was going to be the best one ever! (Ok H was also little sad when she had so say bye bye :( )

Budapest... that cold, big and pretty ok- was really beautiful to walk those 10km's, sleep at the railway station for one hour and be awake for the rest of the night. We enjoyed watching the cockroaches in there, girls wearing so short skirts that we literally saw their bumblebees... The best part was when we came back to Keleti station from this cute little urban restaurant... It was closed and all our luggage was inside... so were our jackets... :) Two hours on a bench, shivering with local bums made it- we were totally fed up with Budapest and wanted to get the hell out from there! Thank God T and J were with us still... I think we wouldn´t have been safe without them. No more sleeping on benches guys!