Friday, October 28, 2011

shake your bun bun


Now it´s time to enjoy the weekend and take it a bit easier. I´m still going to study but I think not so much as on past four days. It´s time to meet people and laugh with them - not just alone watching this.... :D I want those Christmas lights too - it would be a perfect partyhouse for me, my sisters and my cousins...

I just can´t stop thinking about what would be my own reaction if one of those cars passing by was mine... :D Maybe I would just hit a tree...  I think I have to start shaking my bun now and go to have some fun. Sabina told me also that my new coat has arrived and that it looks perfect! Can´t wait to wear it- then it will not be this cold... :) ps that shirt you see on me I just got it back from girls- I´ve been missing it a lot so I didn´t even want to wash it before using it again. haha my baby came home <3  Have a great weekend guys :) 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

pancakes and no trousers....oops

Ciucau again! I bet you all love pancakes to death am I right? Well I do too. I always eat too many, even if my stomach is ready to blow up. I made maybe the best pancakes ever with Minna. We had a lots of whipped cream and a pancake jam, too many pancakes and just us two were eating them (this is the part when boyfriends become quite handy :) ). We ate... and ate and ate... and we managed to eat just a half of them and were totally in "puke-alert". We had to stop eating for a while and continued it after watching tv (actually we just layed on the sofa and held our stomaches). I think this is when we made our biggest mistake ever... We just wanted MORE, and well the result of eating more of them wasn´t really worth it :D It´s when you combine too much of food, little bellies, too much of whipped cream and the taste of sweet.... We couln´t move because the puke-alert became toooo strong. My night was all about burbing and feeling ill. The next morning was the same and I was able to eat the next time at 5pm (on next day). huuuuh.... Eating pancakes can really be a tuff job! Try it, but try to keep your cravings in your hands.... I swear to God you don´t want to try the feeling of puke-alert (BECAUSE OF SOMETHING SO GOOOOOOOD).

We were also in a bar, I had so much fun with my cousins Elma and Elvisa. My friends were there too and it was so nice to see them all again. I really liked beeing in Mikkeli (it´s something I can´t describe- it just feels cozy deep in you chest). Today I have just been working out at the gym and in math exam, that´s why I look really exhausted in this last picture. I just can´t manage with just 6 hours of sleep, exams and working out without looking little... like I´m having a hangover... I think I´ll just go to my bed now cause tomorrow is all about calculating the school tasks and then I have my physics lession... :) Good night to everyone = Laku noch svima (In bosnian) = Hyvää yötä kaikille (In finnish) !

ps. after the gym I went out and noticed that I had forgot to dress up my trousers.... :) It was hilarious.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

All day all night.... I´m tired

I don´t know what´s wrong with me, I´m tired like all the time. I could sleep easily 12 hours per day now. When I wake up, I´m already tired. What do I do then? Well I just move my butt one meter from my bed to the sofa and then I really feel like "oh God I have to rest now". :D I don´t know if it has something to do with theese exams and the school- essays etc. Maybe. I just finished one again- it was about the cell signaling pathways, cancer, tumors etc. The subject was very interesting but it really took me entire three days to do it. Tomorrow I have one exam too, hope it´ll go well.

You can see my new iron my mom bought me. It was a total surprise from her :) I have naturally curly hair already (you can see it from the blog's banner), but with it I can always make my curls look even better :) I like the result a lot :). You can also see the evening sky I was so amazed of. Just had to take some photos with my bad camera, so the colours aren´t so good :(

I´m totally loving the tv show called The Doctors, and that doctor Lisa is really just so beautiful and she really motivates me to do this. I hate that people keep thinking that if person is good looking and has other life than school too, they can´t be clever nor smart. I love to see good looking people (suck as doctor Lisa) in a job that really need devoting and studying. I just adore it that that kind of people have time to take care of themselves (even if it´s busy morning), do they hair and make up, eat healthy, exercise, meet their friends regularly, go out and have fun and even choose their outfit carefully (I don´t really understand why people go to the uni/meeting/club etc looking like me when I´m going jogging? I truly think that everybody want´s to look good = I mean FRESH, tidy and clean, we really do have people in our uni that use the same shirt for 1 month and their hair can´t be any greasier than it already is and the smell really kills....). I¨m usually always struggling at mornings, but 15 to 30 minutes is really enough for me to get ready. It´s all about planning! I had to take a photo of one of my favourite breakfasts, dark manna porridge with cacao powder. I just love it <3 Makes me just happy to even think about it... and so hungry.... :D 

New coat :)

I just ordered a new coat from Asos, I needed one new cause my favourite coat is no more wearable. I think it was time to get it and I like it very veeeery much :) It´s just so simple and it has a nice hood and pockets. The shoes you see are one of my favourite Bronx shoes I own, I bought them on summer and totally forgot to show them to you. They are real leather, they don´t hurt my legs and the heel is made of wood. I like to use ecological, organic and natural materials in everything- I think it´s the only way that helps our planet and the living creatures on it. I bought those shoes from Bianco- one of my fave-shoe-shops. Now I still have to make myself a breakfast and then start prepping myself for my exam. The course is called Radiopharmacy- and chemistry, and I really have a lot to read and calculate yet. So ciucau for now :) Tomorrow I´m going back to Mikkeli again :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Good morning sunshines

Here I am, still totally tired because of yesterday. I woke up at 7 am and headed to school to do my physics exam. After that we grabbed some food from school's restaurant and then I went to the gym. I spent there 2 hours and then I still had to pedal my bike up the hill and manage to get to my home. I did it and I jumped directly in my bath tub. It was so relaxing to scrub all the dirt away and then start studying. I was just so tired that I was ready to go to bed at 7pm... Today I got up at 11 am, ate two slices of dark bread (I don´t really like other type of bread), put some red paprica, cheese, beef-meat and slices of cucumber on it. I also made myself a hot chocolate with cinnamon and ginger. I just love to mix all spices in my food and drinks. :) I also bought myself really cute gloves from H&M's children's apartment and some new beautystuff. Shampoo from Four Seasons (Love it) and my all-time-favourite makeup-powder from Lumene. :) I also made myself a great facial treatment, I had some camomille steam before all face scrubs, masks and lotions. I love to do something relaxing at mornings because if I´m totally tired it kinda wakes me up gently :)

I still have to go to school today, I also found something hanging on my doorbell, my dear neighbour Minna.... :) She loves to decorate my doorbell with toothpast :) Love her :)!

Now it´s time to get ready for school --->

Friday, October 14, 2011

The quality of life should be measured by the number of smiles on your face

Photos: Riku Mesiniemi

I loved the shooting stars, I have never seen them before, but this time they really made me so excited that I just ignored the frost around me and kept on laying on the ground for one hour. I love to do things I usually can´t do and I love the feeling of living the life. That moment I saw my first BIG AND THICK shooting star, it made me scream, I really understood how FAST things can be, that there really is that awesome space and that the stars really are even more amazing things than I thought. I loved the full moon and the light it made above the lake, and oh that fog above the lake... I´m so happy that Riku wanted to take some pictures and we all had to model for him. I think that those photos are amazing, the first one just makes me... amazed and happy because it´s just too beautiful and the second makes me smile because of the hilarious moment and the best company for that trip :)

I´m in love with the life and today I realized that I want to smile the whole time I´m living it. When I went to the dentist and came back I noticed thath NO ONE looked happy. Why can´t people try to enjoy while they still have the opportunity and time to do that? I already know what´s my second new years promice and I hope you´ll do the same :) Keep on smiling and living, if there is nothing to be happy about, you have to change the things so that you can start counting the numbers of smiles on your face and LIVE.

- Herminica :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Get AUSSOME with Aussie

 Casual look
Party look

Both Aussome looks made with.... :)

I have a secret to share with you, I´ve become one of the Aussie Angels too! This is a really nice and flattering thing for me, I love Aussie products, especially series Take the heat, Luscious Long, Aussome Volume and Miracle Moist. If you want to get more info please visit the website, I usually buy my own Aussie products from Sokos stores here in Finland, and one thing I have noticed about them that they are really good for my hair and my looks ! I got two different products from Aussie: Dual Personality Hi-Hold + Hi-Shine Hairspray and Dual Personality Aussome Volume + Conditioning Mousse. Hairspray contains Australian Sea Kelp Extract that helps to put hair firmly in its place and gives you shine and it has an ultra strong hold and a really good smell (+ it doesn´t turn your hair into hard clumps)! The Mousse contains Australian Wild Cherry Bark Extract that gets you hair thinking big and pampers it at the same time.

About my own hair type: I have this brown, thick hair. I´ve never dyed it and it´s really curly naturally. It doesn´t get greecy easily and I usually have to shampoo it from 2 to 3 times a week (I could do it only once a week but I like the smell ow just washed and moist hair... :) ). Usually I don´t use a diffuser if have no hurry (keeps my hair in much better condition) and I don´t use irons or other things neither daily. I always tend to sleep my hair on a loose bun because it prevents my hair from getting split-ends + it makes it much easier to do my hair on the mornings (when it´s a really good hairday I just have to open the bun and volá)! But I always use good shampoos, conditioners, mousses and hairsprays, hair masks etc so that my hair tends to look great even longer, I think that most important thing is to eat and drink well, use right products and protect you hair from UV, physical and chemical stressfactors (sleep with silk-pillowcase!), frost and girls never camb your hair when it´s totally wet (If you do you´ll look soon like my dear pet-cactus) :)


.... What kind of aussome tricks did the Aussie products do and how?
- First I washed my hair with volumizing shampoo and let the moisturing conditioner do it´s best for 5 minutes (I think this combo works best for my hairtype)
- I put the towel on my head like a turban to suck the most water from my hair (I do not "scrub" my hair with the towl- it´s one stress factor for the hair too)
- Then I took the Take The Heat Spray and sprayed it all over my hair so that my hair would be ready for the action and still "in safe hands"
- After this I took the Aussome Volume + Conditioning Mousse and put it ON MY COMB and I "combed" it through my moist hair from the roots to the ends
- Then It was time for a diffuser to sing it´s SHHH SHHH songs and after that I put my hair to the bun and went to sleep :)
- After ZZZZ-oing enough it was time to spray some Hairspray on my head, let it dry and then I opened the bun.
- After this just take a iron and make yourself more nice curls, straight the ends and curl them again if they´re not good enough and enjoy your beach-babe look :) If you want put some of your hear up with two pins crossed, then more Hairspray and you are ready to be Aussome! :)

- Herminica and her pet :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Autumn, sunshine, me and my bike

Today I decided to take a biketrip. I had just one lecture and after that I ate with guys at school. When I came back home I noticed that the weather was beyond perfect and I didn´t want to go home yet. Instead od that I went to to lake Valkeinen at took some pictures. It was just too beautiful and it wasn´t even too cold (+12 degs). I think I spent there more than two hours and everybody just looked at me like "Who´s that weirdo with that camera?" I just absolutely loved the whole day today! It was also so easy to fall asleep on the phone yeasteday so that I was just cheerfull all the time :) When I came home I just went to buy myself milk, yoghurt and food before it was time to calculate some physics and do other school-things. You can also see my new shirt and a bag from GT. I didn´t like the shirt as it was before so I took my scissors and a sowing maschine and made it better :) Now it looks just perfect :) Now it´s time for watching some SATC and then I´ll just go to sleep, I have to go training and to the doctor tomorrow :)

Hope You liked the photos :)