Tuesday, November 27, 2012


1. I just love that combo! Especially as a dinner (minced beef, cottage cheese, onions, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers)... all that plus fruits, 0,5l of clippers organic hot chocolate with Maca, Opti-Msm and Ashtanga from Cocovi. :) I usually just mix them all together, and sometimes even add some spices. 

2. On my way to school... A bad picture in here even if it looked alright on insta? You can see a peek from my new neon yellow knit from members.com :) It was cheap but it looks and feels great!

3. Working, studying and reading my favorite magazines :) I worked 14 hours this weekend. It was not much but I had a evening shift so... There's no time left for anything else then + I couldn´t go to the gym because my m. tibialis anterior (one of the leg muscles) was hurting a lot. Even walking feels bad. :( I have still walked at least 6 km's every day... Downhills are the worst to conquer. 

4. One night on my way home in Mikkeli at night... I collapsed straight to bed. At least I managed to meet two friends really dear to me. Laura and Jenna. It was so nice to meet, catch up after a long time, drink warm lattes and be able to talk about the stuff that is really important to me at the time. :) I had really missed them both and I´m hoping to see them soon again! L had such an amazing jacket... the one you just can´t keep your fingers away from O.O damn. 

5. Tomorrow is time to walk another 6km's, make a presentation in a seminar of medical physics and then... to the BodyPump again! At least I don´t have to do anything with my ankles in there so my muscle soreness won´t be bothering me this time. :)... The rest of the day will go by writing an essay based on an article called "Fetal and Early Childhood Undernutrition, Mortality and Lifelong Health" :) There's a lot to do! 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

college organizations anniversary

I had this nice party two weeks ago and finally I got some pictures. The whole evening was just amazing. I stressed about my hair and make up almost all day, but after I finally got it done, I could start relaxing.

The event started at 19.15. It was very formal, we ate a three course meal, drank white and red wines and even more champagne. For some kick ups we also had shots. The idea was to drink, sing, laugh, chat, listen to few speeches, dance and have fun. And we did!

After midnight the formal part of this event was coming to its end and people were heading to busses which would take us to an after party. That consisted much more of dancing and just partying. At some point I remember even falling asleep for few minutes on a table. I got home at maybe 5 Am and my legs were so frozen from walking outside for 1 km, that even my dress felt as sharp as a knife against my skin :/. I fell asleep immediately and after just 4 hours of sleep I had to get up, take a shower and start getting ready for "sillis." Sillis is a brunch kind of a party, where we continue with drinking, dancing and having fun. There is always a theme on these parties and this time it was Bollywood. We had water pipes, great food, a tub outside and even a local band was playing there. All in all, I had a great week end! Some people even continued to some public sauna and to a bar after that, but I was feeling so tired after sillis that I just went home and slept for 12 hours in a row.

Now I'm back in Mikkeli for this week end. I went to watch breaking dawn last night with my best friend, and to be honest, I was positively surprised how much I liked that movie :D. I'm a little ashamed to admit it...
Today I've been hanging out with my parents and helping them to spend some money. And now I have to start getting ready for this evening. I'm meeting some friends I haven't seen in few months!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A wonderful Wednesday

1. I found my inner child when I was grocery shopping. I´m a big Bambi fan. I almost put my nose against the window - It´s just so beautiful! I stood there probably for 5 minutes... and a group of children stared at me... wonder why? Because I had my bambi bag and my bambi cat's-eye on too... :) It´s just such a shame the entire window couldn't fit in the picture :( I could almost frame it... or something...:)
2. Getting ready for my morning lectures.
3. Greetings from the gym! I walked a total of 6km's, ran 4km's at heart rate 170 and took a part in LesMills Abs30- class. 
4. Had a nice day for studying and calculating :) 
4. A healthy chanterelle soup for a lunch, I also had a glass of fresh squeezed orange/lemon juice and two carrots.
5. My dinner consisted of rosemary chicken, cottage cheese and a pepper sauce + cherry tomatoes and a 0,5 l of cocoa drink.

My other meals and snacks are not in the pictures... I eat more than that. I´m not a tiny, hungry bunny :)
6 & 7. A nice evening at home in a candle light, having these warm "boots" after a refreshing and warm shower. You know that feeling you have in your body after a good workout session? They are just totally... relaxed, and I love it! :o I love mulled wine too, the complete silence and a taste of a great protein bar or something else that´s healthy for a snack... :) Maybe a nice movie or a great book before going to sleep... and my evening is perfect. :) 

ps. I bought those boots when a had a gypsum on my ankle. They really helped me a lot back then. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

EUROTRIP 2012 - PART 4 - In Kozarac and Prijedor 2/2

Swimming with dolphins... :)

Sabina was so beautiful- I had to snap photos of her... :)

And it´s all set !



Sipping refreshements

H having a blast...

Kissing and playing with dolphins... while others were probably doing something more intelligent :)

Dancing with them too...

The old castle wall..


Medina and her boyfriend :)

Lazy time

Like a fish on the land... :)

Beautiful Lejla

Another day in paradise... - that´s the sentence that went through my mind when I woke up. I love sleeping in our house, in my own room, in that bed, hearing those familiar sounds from your childhood summers knowing that there is no rush anywhere and every day will be sunny and warm. We actually had ZERO rainy days during the whole month on our trip! After the long winter and the rainy "summer" in Finland... you can imagine how good it felt to feel the sun on the skin. Sun just cured all our skin problems, no more old scars nor rash. We didn't use any make up foundations then and H is not using them even now. 

We had a great pool party at Ajlen's and Aida's mini-cottage for their friends. We started it a bit too early with a smaller group of people. It was just so nice to swim, fool around, drink and sunbath. Guys played football and H had her own fun playing around with camera... :) It was such a good day and we felt really sad because we had to continue our journey the next morning even if our plans were totally different! You know... those over protective parents who just won´t let you stay in your own house without them... Like something would happen to us in our own house and with the same neighbors ans relatives around! And yes... we are 21, 20 and 18 years old... and used to living on our own :)

The next morning didn´t really end up like we planned... Parents saw a big black snake in our kitchen in the middle of the night, so they had to pack everything in just few hours, wake us up and give us a ride to the bus stop. They started their driving trip back to Finland... :) It was one strange morning we can tell... Mom woke E up, and let H and S sleeping in their rooms while snake was in the house... :D After an hour E noticed that we were still sleeping upstairs... :D ... H even thought that it was just some stupid joke mom and dad invented to get us up fast... :)  + They managed to loose the snake... so it can be waiting for us there the next summer again! Dead of course.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Once upon a time on the same side, in the same game

Just a peek for you guys- there are many more posts to come about past summer :)! I´m working on them even now !

And again, I just love shirts like this... + I have many more things in the bags waiting for me to shoot them :)

I´m here, in my own apartment. I had an amazing week and I would just want to press the rewind button. I´m just so lucky girl and I really do love my life as it is (of course I have things that I would change but who doesn't? :) ), It just feels complete. I´m complete. I have so much more energy now, I´m more motivated and  can´t stop thinking about all the beauty world has to offer. I´m even more eager to fulfill my dreams- no matter what other people think about them. If I want to do something and that something really means a world to me- I´m allowed to pursue my dreams and enjoy my work when it´s done. I want to be a girl who isn't depended on other's opinions. If you are- you are not being honest nor fair with yourselves. 

I´m still listening to the Princess of China too loud- so loud that I´m sure my neighbors are listening to the same song too. I do this really on rare occasions- this time I´m just trying to bury the sound of one neighbor who is renovating his apartment. He/she started it at 7am this morning with drilling and hammering, even my toilet is bouncing! So I really have to drown those sounds with something else! :D I hope that neighbor is happy now- he is always too noisy- I mean he can hammer even at 3am... :) That's just nice. I only get an headache from this all. I´m so lucky that I can at least flee this place and go to the gym :--) Les Mills Bodypump at 9 am tomorrow too before I have to go to school :)

Guess what I´m eating now? :) Cashew nuts, one clementine and one kiwi, 0,5dl of eco-milk with a cocoa powder (99% cocoa) and spices + self made chanterelle soup! :)
... and healthy doesn´t mean "sugar free" juices etc instead of real liquids. Non-real sweeteners such as aspartame and acesulfame K are dangerous to you + they are cheating your brain and the hunger center! So if you have to drink coca cola - drink the original one- not zero nor light!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Herminica said I should make a post about some of my shopping I've done lately. Here are some of my favorites. That bag is form ASOS and I bought it as a bajram present for myself with the money I got from my parents. Also those necklaces were a gift. That golden elastic I got from Herminica and I just love it. I use it every time I wear my hair on a ponytail, so that would be almost every day:D. Honestly I'm kind of fed up with my bangs already and because I'm growing them out right now, it's just easier to put the rest of the hair on a ponytail and just style the bangs so that they fall slightly to the side. That wouldn't work if I would have my hair down. So I got that hairpiece in just the right time.  Those three shirts I bought two weeks ago I  guess? Anyway I bought them from Matkus when I visited Herminica in Kuopio. That coat I actually got yesterday. I ordered it from Mango like a month ago but there were some issues with the delivery and I guess I'll end up with a huge bill for the stowage of my packet. Anyway I'm not going to pay it, since it wasn't my fault they weren't able to deliver it to me and that it took so much time for them to contact me about it. And the last piece is an eye shadow pallet I ordered from Nelly. As you can probably see, some of the colors are shattered. There should be a sign on the package that it contains fragile contents and that maybe it's not such a good idea for the post man to just throw it through the letterbox but to ring the door bell first... Anyway I've fell in love that pallet and those colors. Everyday since I got it I've been planning to do a basic and neutral make up but when I open that pallet I just go crazy about the amount of pretty colors it contains. So I'll end up with a party look.... Luckily my bangs and glasses hide almost everything I have going on on my eye lids so I don't have to wash it all off during busy mornings. 

Today I had only one lecture and after that I've just been staying at home and doing stuff that I love and I normally don't have that much time for. So I've been kind of having a day off. I've watched some TV-shows from the internet, just lied on my bed and listened to music and basically not done anything that I should have:D. Now I'm thinking of having something to eat since I'm starving. By the way isn't it just weird how its dark outside already and its only 16.30 Pm? I feel like I should soon go to bed but the whole evening is still ahead. Damn you Finnish winter! 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

11.11.12 Fathers day

Last Sunday we celebrated Fathers day with our whole family. I arrived to Mikkeli that Sunday morning, but Hermina had already been there for the whole week end. They had prepared a nice three course meal. We had some spicy carrot-swede-apple soup, chicken salad, lasagna and a raspberry cheese cake. I ate that maybe three times that day and there were still some leftovers for the next day. For a present we gave our father a new briefcase. 

It was a very nice day and for some reason it felt much more important to celebrate the Fathers day than previous years. Maybe it's because I don't see my family every day anymore. After a weekend that has been a one big celebration for me it was nice to finally get a long night sleep and I even slept almost the whole forenoon (I don't usually sleep after 9.30 Am). So yes, I did skip my Monday lectures...:D. It was far more important to spend that day in Mikkeli, right? :D 

Now I'm drowning with school work. I have to return a paper for Monday, study for two tests and start doing a marketing research for which I don't even know the subject yet. So I guess I have stuff to do for the whole day and I've already spent the whole free time that I could have today. Busy busy busy... Don't do the same mistake as I and leave everything for the last minute.