Monday, July 5, 2010

EUROTRIP 2010 - PART 1 - Greetings from Switzerland :)!

Hello people!

Here we are, we were in Stocholm (Sweden) at 07 am on saturday morning and in Basel Switzerland after 20 hours driving and two more boats (at 02 am on sunday). I loved being on every one of them, the driving didn´t felt bad at all because we played some cards, sang etc. :) We had some BBQuing, played minigolf, sat in the garden, went to the center to eat some icecream on the riverside and drove the motorbikes with the friends and cousins yesterday. :) Tomorrow will sound about the same, but oh God I hope it won´t be as hot as today :D We bumped also right into a storm, and let me say, the storms in south can´t be compared with those in north... :D We had only 400km left to Basel and insted of driving about 160 to 180km/h we were forced to drive30km/h... :D It was pitch black and you just could not see anything through the window... :D I´m so into Schwitzerland ! Oh did I mention, I just woke up and fell down the stairs... My knees are hurting I can tell..

Going to Silja Europa

ciucau now ;) --->

Friday, July 2, 2010

EUROTRIP 2010 - PART 0 - Ready, set, GO !

Let´s gooo :)

+ shoes, laptop and camera!