Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sabina's Prom

So there you go! I decided to put just 35 pics out of 3000 we took that day. They were just perfect! Sabina was so happy that day and it made me feel really good for her. Me and Elvira were her personal drivers the whole day and night. We put the make up on, the dresses on, made her and her friends little snacks to eat, repaired their dresses and put them all shoes on. We had to take photos, help them fit into the car, let them sit on my stomach because there was too little room for us all. Sabina had to dance 3 times the whole routine, go to the restaurant, visit the previous schools and visit two after parties. I went to watch one extra shift with Elvisa, Henni, Arttu and Kalle. In fact Elvisa had left the light on and we had no battery left... So it was a little bigger drama then... :D  But all in all, Sabina and Einari were really good dancers together :) She was just so beautiful to watch<3

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

RUK Viima - finally

My feet were ready to abandon my heels

I´m there in the front!

... ohh my heart just stopped :D

I had to rest my feet, we had a breakfast before going to a real dinner

Myllyrinne's Stand Up show

Here you can see those fireworks!

Haha I can´t stop laughing when I see this photo above... :D But I also can´t stop smiling when watching them all and remembering that weekend. It was one of the best weekends I´ve ever had. You can see that some of the photos are retouched- they are taken by me, the ones that are not retouched are from this site called oppilaskunta.net ! As you can see the entire weekend was totally exhausting but so incredibly fun and happy that I don´t mind I din´t slept for 3 nights in a row. haha. My face and my body were totally swollen because of it and because of being in a bus for a total 20 hours. I couldn´t lay back because of my hair that Elvira (my sister who is not a hairdresser) made me. I had to have it done for entire 3 days.

My entire family drove to Kuopio on Friday to make my hair and bring me the dress for this event. They made us food and cleaned this place up. We packed everything, I took a long shower so that Elvira could start doing my hair, guess what happened... the hair dryer stopped working! :) My parents drove me to the station and my journey in the bus began. It was so hot in there and the air was bad. I couldn't sleep at all nor  lay down because of the hair. We were in Hamina at 8 am, totally exhausted but nervous and excited. We took our luggage with us and went to the breakfast called Daamiainen. It was great. After that it was time to go to the Sotku and watch the magician doing his tricks while waiting the first big spectacle: the Rose assault.         We were so excited and everyone just giggled around and smiled. It began with the marching and this blue smoke. After that soldiers put the roses in their mouth and started running towards us when they got the command. We got our roses after we found our own pairs and then it was time to get ourselves ready.

Our hotel was located in Kouvola so we had to go to the bus again for one our. When we arrived we totally laughed  when we saw it. At least we got some time to put on the make up and dresses. We were in such a hurry that it was really difficult to look the best we could have. It was time to go back to Hamina and start the day! We went to the photographer, had so many great shows, great music and different cafĂ© and club areas and everything was so beautifully decorated. The dinner and the desert were really delicious and it was so nice to spend that weekend there celebrating. When the evening came it was time to gather everyone our to enjoy the firework show. My heart just bumped so much and I just screamed and laughed! :D After the fireworks it was time to return back to the hotel!

The next morning... Oh God I was tired. The only thing I knew was that I still had to be awake the whole day and manage to look ok. I had to put myself ready in 15 minutes before our bus took us back to Hamina.  It was time to enjoy the breakfast in Hesburger before our real dinner at Varuskuntakerho. We has a stand up show and a speksi- show. And after all that it was time to say goodbye and go to Kuopio :(. My friend Minna came to the station to walk home with me- It was great to be able to take a shower and then just go to my own bed and SLEEP. :D In conclusion it really was worth of lack of sleep, the stress and the pain on my feet and back and head and really everywhere. It was just one of the best events ever and I´m really happy that I was one of the girls who was chosen to be an avec. :) <3