Tuesday, January 31, 2012

-30 and everything turns to the palace of the ice queen

It´s pretty cold in here now, when I go out my eyelashes turn to white, my face frosts so that it´s hard to smile widely, my nose and throat get sore of breathing this cold air. Luckily I´m not feeling cold anywhere else (ok ok my legs if I´m out for too long periods). But you know what.. It´s just absolutely amazing and beautiful! I love winter when it´s looking like this and the sun is shining and everything is just white and breathtaking. I´m going out soon, I have to go to the library and visit the grocery store. I just have to eat my breakfast and get myself ready. I forgot to show you this silver bracelet my mama gave me two weeks ago. I love it :) Ps. look at those trees!

.. oh and did I mention yet... I´m sick again! Haha.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

and even angels will fall

Mmm :) as you can see I´ve got this halo above my head now, I got it after tasting this food my dad made. He really knows how to cook I can say :D That´s why I love to spend my weekends down there ;) My mama knows the secrets of cooking as well so... maybe that´s why I´m used to eating tasty and healthy food.  I rarely eat at school because in my opinion that food is not as good as the one I can cook for myself, eats fun, easy and much cheaper. (In school it costs about 1,90€). I´m cooking right now too, some sallad, beef meat and dark pasta with sauce :) The meat is melting now, because I forgot to take it out of the deepfreeze in the morning. I was at school, voting and after that I went to the gym. I had aten only pineapple chunks before it so... Of course I felt little bad after it and my 5km walk. I still have to study and take a shower, clean this place and get ready. Phuuuh. I just wan´t that food to be ready as soon as possible! I want to eat it!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

drills and hammers

Today I woke up at 7am because of  the sounds of a hammer and a drill + vacuuming and washing the dishes. I really adore that neighbor of mine... Just a joke. I decided to go to take a shower at midnight, I hope that person heard it. :D I know it´s not cool to revenge but I had to take a shower then but I just hope that my neighbor had at least one more gray hair because of that, nothing more :D haha. Luckily I still have to install all floor lists in this apartment... :)  Now I have to go to school to the meeting with the dean of Faculty of Health Sciences. My friend Anni will be there too :) I just have to grab my jacket and my uggs and walk 2,5km down there. I will go to vote tomorrow because I haven´t got time to do it now :) + I have one more lecture at the evening. Phuuuuuh. Have to run now -->

ps. that bleizer is from H&M :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

-16 degrees....

I woke up early today... and the reason was the same old- my neighbour. I think that person either has a schizophrenia and sees bacteria and dirt growing like a morning grass or then just carries tons of dirt from outside to inside during the evenings. Want to know why I have came to these conclusions? Because I woke up every morning to same voices... it begins with the sound of washing the dishes at 6am (it should be a complete silence till 7 am) then from 7am to 10am  it´s about the hoover and "tamping?" the carpets and hitting the walls... The noise is really loud. Seriously who normal person has that kind of life EVERY day? It´s just a nightmare. At least I was totally awake before my alarm clock (I had set it up to alarm at 9am) and reaaaaaalllyy angry. I rarely am. But if someone makes loud noises when I´m still sleeping... I could just march there and put that hoover in that persons ass... Not really but that´s the level of my anger that moment...

I even went to the post to get my new jacket just in time... It´s so freaking cold here and I really can´t even wait for those -30-> degrees to come... I went to walk 5km in that freezing temperature and my thighs and my face were totally tingling. I´m even now under blankets, wearing my wool socks and drinking hot tea with honey. At least my upper body was pleased with being in Jeane Blush's tove parka, it is very nice and warm + has many pockets and the hood I can take off if needed. I can open it from up and from down + change the size with adjusting the strings on waist. I love it :) 

Monday, January 23, 2012

My choice- Haavisto

This post is about voting. It´s time to choose the best man to be the next president of Finland. My vote is going again to Pekka Haavisto. If you are thinking why Haavisto and not Niinistö, go and read POSTS about the subject from this blog called Kaikki Elämästä. That's a link to one of them. I really think that the president has to be a nice person, good in his job and the one who has really DONE something for the world and the people who live in bad conditions or are suffering. President should not be the one who knows everything about the money (this should not be the main criteria), the best position for Niinistö would be the Minister of Finance if you are thinking like that. Haavisto is my choice because of all the reasons the blogger in Kaikki Elämästä says. I can´t really say much more than go and vote, and think before you do that what´s best for everybody. I think that I can´t really express myself in English about this stuff but if you understand finish language, just visit the blog above and look through the other posts about the same subject. You´ll see how the media in here is making sure that the only thing we know about Haavisto is that he is gay and "ecologist"... but there is so much more !

Thursday, January 19, 2012



I think that I just ordered all these... Tove parka and some make up from Mschic. From now on I wont be one little stick of ice + I really think that the best time to buy things you really need in your daily bases is when the sales are running :) You can get a bigger amount of stuff with much more less. And the taxes here in Finland and wallets are really not the Bf's. I think that I deserved all this after this day :D 11km's walk and so much more....

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Good and blue morning

okay a little odd facial expression  but you can see the sleeves on this one

Shirt from GT- I bought it + 2 panties with total 1,65€, I´m a lucky bastard (the real price would have been about 35€).

Good morning everyone, I had to woke up early to go to meet the doctor... I was about to shut my door and I left my middle finger between it... Now it´s blue and matches my shirt. I knew that something "bad" is about to happen when I woke up because of my nightmare again! I had broken my lower jaw somehow and because of that all of my teeth kept falling off. I concentrated to follow my falling teeth when I noticed that I had this big pregnant belly!! I don´t even want to think about the rest of the dream :D All I can say is that my belly was totally red and reminded me of a tomato... you can just keep guessing what I gave birth to...

Luckily I woke up with no such problems and now I´m sitting on my couch and eating my breakfast. I will study after this, then I have lectures at evening and after them I´ll meet Anni at Memphis. It´s going to be a nice day after all :) (I knew it that moment when I saw that little chihuahua jumping towards me and the old lady smiling, I walked back to my home with them =) I just adore kind old people and their animals :D ! I want a dog too... so badly!

Monday, January 16, 2012

little retarded smile and vocabulary

Hello, as you can see the half of my face can´t still move as it should be moving... thanks to dhat wisdom tooth removal. I can´t even smile as I normally do nor eat what I´d like to eat. Eating lasts for so long that even eating my breakfast (fitness serial, honey, berries and yoghurt) took half an hour of my time. I can´t open my mouth easily nor bite with my other half... Minna was here yeasterday after I said goodbye to Jenna. We even had a pancake evening together with J<3 We drank some camomille tea with M and watched the Venla show together. It´s really comforting and relaxing type of tea ( buy the package which says non cofein) and I always tend to drink it before going to sleep, I flavour it with the honey that my own uncle produces in northern Bosnia. It´s totally organic and nothing is added in it. I like those bees that hang out around our country home back in there, they´re not agressive and I can even pass by their "homes". Don´t know the word in english nor in finnish but my uncle calls them "kosnica" :D Now I feel like a retarded one... how can I forget the word... hmmmp anyways, I still have to do my tasks from analytic chemistry and then go to the lectures this evening + grab something to eat quickly. When I return back home I´ll make me something to eat and do my other tasks I haven´t done yet. :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

we have a driveway to explore, you and me + photos from pipefest

I really love this song below, it makes me want to dream about everything. Right now I´m having this biggest desire to go off to the road and travel. I really need it, I can´t imagine that I´ve been an entire year in Finland now. Last summer was really nothing when compared with all the previous ones. It had it´s own great things like Pipefest (I´ll put some photos below), midsummer fest etc but... I need mountines and the ocean, that dry heat and all little pretty things like sound of grasshoppers and really clear nightsky. I want to get my smirnoff with just one euro and eat the best but still cheap pizza and tikvica (it has squash in it + it´s too good to be true :D). This is still not a summer fever, I just want to go to a place where I can´t go often. It can be Helsinki too or just a lonely cottage somewhere. Luckily we have some plans now and I´m just waiting to see if they´re going to happen. 

Finally I got my 10 hours sleep. I´ve been really exhausted fter the RUK cource celebration and my 3 exams during this week + school. At least we made some orange, grapefruit and lemon juice at laboratory because we were kinda bored and it was really delicious! I could start making my own juices from now on. The ones from stores... are not even worth comparing with. 

I´m waiting my girl Jenna to come here from Jyväskylä. I´m really keen of seeing her again! I just can´t wait to have her around :) Now I´ll put some photos from the Pipefest last summer- it was the best time I and we had. I was there with 9 girls from Jyväskylä and then our friends arounf Tampere came there too :) It was just the best- but I forgot my camera... At least I found some of the photos. It was all about fun from thursday to sunday, we had a xmas goose, drunken pony called reijo, many great singers, beatbox and dance battles, 2 cottages where to hang out (and our was right behind the biggest stage...:D), sauna, warm water, a tent area, good food, the best company, enough food and drinks, the best ideas ever.... etc. (+ random guys who entertaned us by shouting different silly things to us... and those random people who got lost into our cottage...=D)

my baby was little tired
love those husky eyes.

Friday, January 13, 2012

EUROTRIP 2011 - PART5 - I forgot all about coming back- driving through Baltia and Poland

I´m feeling so bad right now! I just realized that this was still as a draft here. I never published the last part of my summerpictures... I´ve been really blind I guess... :D Thank god I just went through my posts and saw this... :D

As you know, we first planned to come back the almost same route as we came. But like always, we are little spontaneous and the day before we had to start driving he said "Girls I have a great idea! We´ll drive through croatia, slovenia and austia as always but this time it wount be about salzbourg- we´ll go to wien and after that to the Czech Republic, Poland and baltia! And damn it was nice to see those places too!

 I don´t have anymore photos, I think that I slept the whole trip back... :D