Sunday, June 28, 2015

Tragicomic summer 2015 / Se tragikoominen kesä 2015

I'm just smiling at the moment. One word that really describes this summer is word Tragicomic. Tragicomic = summer, they are both equally complicated and complex as the word itself already is. I'm just sneaking around my home with my woolen socks on, hanging out at the balcony with a blanket as a burrito and wearing the same jeans while biking to the work/uni as I wore in the middle of the winter and those jeans I accessorize with a rain coat that is few sizes bigger than it needs to be and I let it flap around in the wind, as if I were a witch on her broomstick... I do see tanning lines in the future though! I just booked myself a one way ticket to the south, a flight to Split on 13. of August. I am planning to come back before schools start, which means 28. of September. This means that there will be a warmer summer waiting for me and the flight back to Finland remains unbooked because I haven't yet decided when to come back or where from to flight. My only wish for the moment is that this wind calms down a little bit so that I could wear something else than jeans safely and biking would be a bit faster than walking...

Minua ainakin hymyilyttää nyt vain täällä. Tragikoomisuus on tätä kesää parhaiten kuvaava sana. Tragikoomisuus= kesä, yhtä monimutkainen ja kompleksinen kuin tuo sana jo itsessään. Täälläkin vedellään pääosin himpessä villasukat jalassa, partsilla peitoissa burriton lailla ja töihin poljetaan samoissa farkuissa, mitä käytin talvella liian iso sadetakki tuulessa liepotellen, kuin olisin noita luudallansa... Rusketusraidat näkyy kyllä tulevaisuudessa vielä! Varasin itselleni menolipun etelään, lennon Splitiin 13.08. Takaisin tulen siinä ennen koulujen alkua, eli 28.9. Minulla on siis edessäni pitkä kesä, lippua takaisin Suomeen en ole vielä varannut, sitä kun en ole vielä päättänyt, mistä lennän tänne. Kun vain loppuisi tuo jäätävä tuuli, niin kehtaisi hameessa kulkea ilman että hippulat vinkuu ja pyörällä pääsisi nopeammin kuin kävellen. 

 June has really been a lonely month. This city is quite empty, weather doesn't really give you many opportunities to enjoy outdoors in many forms and all people dear to me are all over this land and entire planet. Lets not forget though that the word tragicomic contains also an equal amount of good as it does bad. I do enjoy when it is stormy, I do giggle to the poor birds trying to fly like masterpieces but fail in a such way that they end up resembling that jiggling jelly pudding they serve in hospitals. This weather actually gives you an opportunity to take painting brushes in your hands, bake blueberry pies and read. Sitting indoors at work doesn't feel like work at all on days when weather has chosen something else to wear than Siren costume. It is all good even if my toes have to be in shoes daily even if they protest against it. I have told them that they'll get a chance to say Peek a Boo! We just have to be patient. In some way I have got only time for myself to relax, do the stuff I really need and want to do and be lazy in good gap. Every time I don't actually have to do anything I tend do do more than usually. Free time does energize and make you stronger and calms you down. At this point though, I do need company, which only means that it is time to get out there. :)

Tämä kesäkuu on ollut kunnon erakoitumiskausi. Tämä Kuopio on tyhjä, kelit eivät hirveästi anna mahdollisuuksia tekemisiin ja itselleni rakkaat ihmiset ovat kaikki hajallaan ympäri maita ja mantuja. Muistetaan kuitenkin, että sanassa tragikoominen on yhtä paljon hyvää, kuin huonoa. Nautin myrskykeleistä, hihittelen salaa lintureppanoille, jotka kovasti yrittävät lentää sujuvasti tuulen niitä heilutellessa samaan tapaan kuin sairaalan hyytelövanukas heiluu tarjottimellaan. Tälläisillä keleillä malttaa tarttua pensseleihin, leipoa mustikkapiirakkaa ja lukea. Töissä istuminen ei tunnu millään tapaa työläälle niinä päivinä, kun ulkoilma ei ole pukeutunut Seireenin asuun. Kaikki on siis hyvin, vaikka varpaat ovatkin hieman vastentahtoisesti umpinaisissa kengissä päivittäin, kyllä nekin pääsevät vielä sanomaan kukkuluuruu! Odotetaan vain. Jollain tapaa minulla on ollut aikaa rauhoittua, toteuttaa itseäni ja lupa laiskotella on tullut juuri oikeaan saumaan. Silloin kun ei täydy tehdä varsinaisesti mitään, tuppaan yleensä tekemään enemmän kuin tarpeeksi. Loma energisöi, oman ajan saaminen voimaannuttaa ja rauhoittaa. Nyt tarvitsen kuitenkin myös sitä seuraa, ei siis auta muu, kuin hakeutua taas sellaiseen voimapiiriin. :)
- Herminica

Friday, June 26, 2015

Feeling good / Hyvä olo


It is June and the clock tells me it is 6 pm. Sun is shining and raindrops are falling like if summer doesn't know which side it wants to show to us. Instead of choosing between those two choices it decided to make little rainbows. Those little rainbows are perfect company for me while I'm here painting ans sitting at the balcony with some music and a cup of coffee. Life... Good life.

Kello näyttää ilta kuutta. Kesäkuu alkaa jo olla lopuillaan. Aurinko paistelee ja sadepisarat tiputtelevat kilvan, aivan kuin kesä ei osaisi vielä päättää mitä se meille esittelisi. Sen sijaan, että Kesä valitsisi vain jomman kumman, se on päättänyt piirrellä meille pieniä saateenkaaria. Nuo pienet sateenkaaret ovat juuri oikeanlaista seuraa minulle tällä hetkellä. Maalailen parvekkeellani, katselen koristekukkia, kuuntelen musiikkia ja hörpin hiljaa kahviani. Tämä on elämää... Hyvää elämää.

I've decided to enjoy myself. Actually, it didn't need any kind of decision making- I simply know how to enjoy. It is a really natural part of me. Dreaming, enjoying and gladness, helpfulness and friendliness, activity, relaxing and ingenuity. My days are usually made of all of those. I just cannot get bored. It is a really strange thing for a person who enjoys everything she/he is doing. Anything- I mean it. I clean toilets and feel good, bike in a pouring rain with a smile on my face and laugh at myself when ever I get a chance. I tend to find good things in everything. Maybe because I've used to find good in all and everything. If it doesn't exist there, it will be there through me. I hope you all think like this, that all positive things come from and exist in you. I want to do good, create good and see good. I hope you do too.

Olen päättänyt nauttia olostani. Itseasiassa, ei siihen ole mitään päätöstä tarvittu- minä vain teen niin. Se on luonteva osa minua. Unelmointi, nautiskelu ja ilo, onni, avuliaisuus ja ystävyys, puuhailu, rauhoittuminen ja kekseliäisyys. Niistä on minun päiväni tehty. En osaa tylsistyä, se on hyvin vierasta ihmiselle, joka nauttii kaikesta mitä tekee. Oli se mitä vain, ihan oikeasti. Minä skrabaan vessojakin ihan hyvillä mielin, poljen kaatosateessa naama hymyssäsuin ja nauran itselleni, silloin kun on tilaisuus. Löydän aina kaikesta hyvää, sillä olen tottunut siihen, että kaikkialla on hyvää. Jos ei itsestään, niin sitten minun kauttani. Toivoisin, että te kaikki ajattelisitte, että teissä itsessänne piilee se avain kaikkeen positiiviseen. Minä haluan tehdä hyvää, luoda hyvää ja nähdä hyvää. Toivottavasti tekin.

- Herminica

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

EUROTRIP 2014 Part 2/5: Dubrovnik chapter 2

Dubrovnik is so much more than just a city next to the Adriatic sea. It has so much to offer both historically and emotionally. It usually wins over a piece of your heart whether you are a adventurer, sailor, night life lover, photographer, sunbather, swimmer Game Of Thrones fan or freak about history. Old town of Dubrovnik is simply beautiful, not only is it old but it is also really well preserved despite of all wars it has also gone through in its long long looong history. Old town is also listed as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites (there are many others found all over former Yugoslavia if someone is interested). During the second World War our relative Abid was actually imprisoned in the dungeons located in the walls of the old town.

We thought it would be nice to wake up early as we tend to do usually on our vacations and head directly to the old town after a breakfast. We made sure to eat and drink well to have enough energy and to keep our bodies hydrated. Swimming was not an option in the old town for us because of the a bit hazardous cliff beaches. Local people who live in the old town do swim there but it is not a place we recommend to normal tourists, not even if you consider yourself as good swimmers... Our dad has no problems to swim in there neither, he has after all a lifeguard in his young adulthood at places like this too. Local people also know where there are cliffs under the water and how the streams act so that is one big advantage.

Walls and the entire old town were amazing. Because we headed there so early there were no other "tourists". We also got a discount for "locals" which was a really nice thing for students. Views were just amazing, the sun shone the entire time and my camera got literally almost overheated from my trigger sensitive finger. Time passed by so quickly in admiring everything around us, drinking and goofing around. At one point we noticed that we were not sweating anymore, which meant only one thing: dehydration. We needed to get down from the walls to get water but it was a bit too late. Muscles in our legs thought they've had enough... It was so painful to get down all those limestone stairs, I had to do dip-push ups all the way down... :D A bit of a workout it was to my arms too!

After our time in Dubrovnik it was time to say goodbye to Abid and his family and head to meet our other family who lived 4 km's from the old town, already in Bosnia-Herzegovina's side ina little village called Ivanica. They have this really nice and big villa there, and you can sea the sea from the terrace. We were so happy to see all them again, especially our beautiful cousin Lejla, she had grown up so much since we last saw here! I mean, she is so beautiful and kind, has such a loving heart just as her other family members. We ate good local home made food, got home made red wine to take with us and talked... One definite plus when traveling with your parents is when you can gather together with your entire family and relatives and just spend that quality time without any discomforts, laughing, yelling and having fun. :)
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- Herminica