Saturday, March 30, 2013


I had to get this meow! -shirt from GT! I´m just so in love with it :D But so was the lamb while we were cooking... damn!
1 &2 :A few photos from my trip to Helsinki, it definitely was one of the best weekends this year!
3. That pie we made- it wasn't that dark! 4. At my histology class... :) I love it!
Basic chilling at home... :) 
Hey guys, I have had such a nice week and this Friday was the best in a long time. My friends and I decided to gather up and make a nice meal together. A nice and rich salad, lamb and mashed sweet potatoes with  spring onions + a delicious gluten free blueberry- curd pie! It was a nice way of spending our Friday evening. I absolutely love seeing my friends because I´m not able to do that as often as I would like to. It's such a shame :( I´m even hating this summer to come... It will be just about work and writing my Bachelor's thesis... and staying in Finland. I really think that the summer is ruined if it has to be spent entirely in north + living three months at your parents house... I really miss seeing my home in Kuopio and my homes in South Europe already... Imagine living three years on your own and then just moving back to your parents house where you have to share the room with one sister (we rented one half of our apartment - it was an another apartment attached to this one) since our half is not in our use anymore... :D Damn. I really have to cheer up and start doing a to do-list for the next summer... It's one way of making sure it won't get boring! :D

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Blueberry milk in my home

I decided to make some blueberry milk out of blueberries (use the amount you like :) ), 1dl protein powder (MASS Hera chocolate) and organic milk. It was delicious! A perfect way to start this day before my oats are done :-D! That blueberry milk was really refreshing :)! I have to do it again. I´m totally obsessed with my blender... I love making smoothies, drinks and even soups with it. If you don´t own one - get one!

Then it was time to make some gluten free-pizza out of oats and the healthy stuffing (chicken breast, tomatoes, red paprika, red onions, pine apple, mushrooms...) and when it was in the oven it was time to clean this place and do the dishes! I decided to take photos from my place - as you see it´s not ready yet - walls are still too bare, the carpet won´t stay there and I need new lamps and pillows - much more pillows! I´m on it but first I really need a new mirror... A big one from Ikea... I already know which one I want...! I´m waiting on my salary... :) 

The weather is just perfect now - I´m seriously considering to go out... and I have to buy more dark chocolate powder :) I should get ready to be able to exit this place :D Damn I love that sun, can´t hold it together! I have to open my balcony door and drink a cup of hot black tea there! 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Late Saturday nightI

I should go to sleep soon, I´m having a morning shift again tomorrow and after that I will be heading back to Kuopio late the same evening. I have had such a nice time here with my family and at work and I even found myself new glasses from Tiger Of Sweden! I can´t wait to get them :)! I haven't had my real diopter on my last ones for a few years now... so I decided to make a change a get myself new ones. It was one kind of a impulse decision, because E went there just to look at new sunglasses for us... Well well... :D

I have also one good thing to announce, we both got a summer job at the same place for this summer although I will be doing this job too the same way I´m doing it now :). This summer won't be the easiest for me or for her because we can't go on our annual roadtrip this time :( and it really sucks to know that we will have to spend the whole summer in Finland... It really sucks, no real summer for this year guys... :( I hope we can take off on September... that would just suit us perfectly! One trip then and the second one for the winter? A climate change would not hurt us! :D Our genes are just craving for it! 

ps. I can't wait to have those morning oats O.O!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Late morning

I can't imagine that I really overslept this morning! I have never overslept in my life until today... and I even got one exam- or I should have. I was just too tired yesterday after my other exam, it wasn't the most bright day in my head even though the sun shone the whole time... This tired girl just ignored totally her two alarm clocks. :) At least I´m not that tired anymore and I´m ready to go to Mikkeli this afternoon. I still have to put some make up on and pack my bags. I have already enjoyed the breakfast :) It made this day a much better- even though I´m still quite pissed because of that oversleeping... All studying for this one must be done again in 20 days... :D Not so nice... I still have to channel my thoughts into something else and forgot that this happened... :D!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Spicy mango-chicken sauce

What do you need? All these above (Organic ketchup or one/two big tomatoes, organic extra virgin cold pressed olive oil, sour cream Flora (the thick one is better for sauces!), one big mango, herbs and spices- paprika, black pepper, rosemary, turmeric, curry, basil, cayenne pepper, Herbamare / sea salt, ginger) + one half of red sweet paprika, 15 cm's leek, half of big red onion, three garlic cloves, 400 g of non flavored and sliced chicken breast (you can slice it by yourself too or buy it). And if you want you can even squeeze some lime juice in the sauce too!

 Boil the pasta water while you are putting spices and onions in the oil. First fry your turmeric and paprika powder in hot oil, then add all onions.

 After the onions are transparent, put your meat in and make sure that it's half done, not too much because it can easily dry out then. Add paprika and leek in it + ½ dl water. Add the spices (not herbs yet!).

When the meat is ready, fully fried and the veges look almost ready add your sour cream + the whole mango in little chunks- not too small! Add more spices and taste the sauce, add more if it's needed. Add herbs!

Let it reduce just a little bit until you think it's ready to be served :) Add it in your pasta or if you are planning on serving it to more people, you can add ready pasta in the pan and mix all together. It really tastes like heaven! :D

Prijatno / Hyvää ruokahalua ;) 

Have a great Monday! :) I will continue studying again... :D I'm having my exam of Clinical microbiology tomorrow... wish me luck! I had maybe my first food poisoning yesterday but lucky me it didn't last too long. I have already diagnosed myself haha... :D You should see how this first paper stack looks like when I open it... It's just full of different colours and little notes... :D My neighbor Minna had her leaving- party on Saturday, and it was such a nice way of gathering all her friends before she goes to Rovaniemi... I will miss her like Argos missed his owner Odysseus! Come back to us soon! :(

Oh and and about my training... I was on my kettle bell workout last Friday, but it didn't end well... my quadriceps had a total lock- moment there, and it didn't got better until the next morning. It was such a pain in the ass! At least I was able to work out my upper body even if it actually was a leg day... I really hope that it doesn't happen again any time soon! Tomorrow is a workout day again- it could be today too but I´m just too busy with this exam... I still have to go through a lot and I hope that I can still go to bed before 3 am this night... :S! 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

New haircut, again!

I have a new haircut again :). I just shortened it little bit and got some sort of a shape to it. Also I had to cut side bangs. Nothing major changes :). The most important thing is that my hair is all healthy now!

Week ago I was visiting Mikkeli again and I went to see my friend's Eve's new puppy. Isn't he just so cute? They have four puppies actually, but this one on the video they are going to keep and the rest of them are sold. Can't wait to see how he's going to look like when he grows up.

This weekend I've been staying in Jyväskylä. Yesterday I saw my friend, Iiris, and we made some American cookies and watched Inception. I don't know why people say it's too complicated to understand, cause I had no problems keeping up. Of course the end was kind of weird, and it wasn't clear if he was still dreaming or was it real, but not every ending is supposed to be clear. 

Hope you all had a great weekend :).

here you can see them all:) Plz, ignore the fact that first minute the picture is quite dark:D

- Evi

Saturday, March 16, 2013

EUROTRIP 2012 - PART 10 - Once again in Sarajevo

A beautiful view from our apartment. Those warm, colourful sunsets were just amazing! It was so nice to have a evening meal on our balcony and feel the spirit.

E's new ballerina shoes from New Yorker

One hungry morning...

We decided to spend a few days at this place, it´s maybe a 10 minutes from us and it was really refreshing! Every pool had it's own signature feature, one of them was like an ocean with the big waves and sand-look a like look, second was a a big massage pool, one had waterfalls and slides and the last one had a stream in it :) The place had even a inner water world but we were rather out on those +37 warm and sunny days! It was so much fun :) We even had dinners there. :)

Girls in a shopping mall :)

Douple E's in front of the big cathedral. 

Time to have some rest with Egyptian ice cream! It's just too good!

Maybe the most hottest day ever... We decided to take off the shoes and put our legs in that refreshing fountain! :D

At the old town bazar during the siesta.

Checking out those little mirrors! They were just too cute :)! 

If I´d had a garden... this would be definitely mine!

One of my favourite photos! -H

Damn I want that tan back! H

Our breakfast place at the shopping mall next to our apartment! We were waiting for the food... And good food it was...!

An awkward moment when a random little girl hugs you and says "moooom!" 

At a local mini bar, drinking Summersby's 

One of the best evenings! :D Hot chocolate pudding, fresh spring water and latte on the top of  Sarajevo!

And again, one beautiful sunset

Orange time! :) This really saved the day :)!

I´m so going to buy that Bambi next year!

Time to have a banana split at Vatra!

Our little neighbor! Such a cute little dog!

Somethings obligatory... Steeling someone's internet the whole month! Our dad had bought us a internet but he said that we shouldn't use it in case of some emergency... Well the second last day we used it the whole time and we didn't even manage to use 1% of it's value... AND GUESS WHAT... the last day when we really needed it to do the check in for our flight IT HAD BEEN EXPIRED... Thanks dad for buying it too early... :D It was like throwing 30 euros through the window.

I have a bunch of photos about Elvira on the sofa - sleeping. It looks like she was sleeping the whole time? :D -H

The last day! Say bye bye!

Our last week in Sarajevo, Evelina's first and last. It was an amazing holiday! We have already made two posts about Sarajevo this year. You can see the posts by clicking THIS ans THIS.

The last days in Sarajevo were perfect. We went on a brunch every morning to a shopping mall located near us, did a shopping trip few times and spent complete three days at a water park and Eve managed to get some tan too! The days were just so relaxing, because we decided not to plan anything beforehand and just did what we felt like doing at the moment. It would be so nice if there would be the same kind of a cafeteria culture in Finland as it is down there in our home country. After all there's nothing more relaxing than drinking your morning or afternoon coffee with no rush at all while meeting your friends and family and it doesn't even cost your whole salary! The same thing is with hair dressers, girls there had their hair done maybe once a week, some do their hair every morning- it's cheap, you meet the same people at the saloon and look good- it's also a good way of starting your day! They are even allowed to order coffee from cafes near the saloon and the bartenders bring their orders there. That's just perfect! :D

Our trip back to Finland didn't go that well... :D We had checked our train schedules beforehand... and by saying beforehand I mean many months before. First of all, we miss-read the schedule and thought the train was leaving at 9.00 Pm, but after double checking at a taxi, we realized it left at 8.30 and we were already few minutes late. We decided to rely on the fact that taxis there are true speeders so we suggested that the driver takes us to the next station to Podgulove (maybe 30km's..). We thought we could never miss it. Well that driver was even slower than a turtle and he just rolled between the hills. The driver shout that we should look left and right and search for the train. We couldn't see it so we thought that we had made it. Soon we realized that if we pay that taxi guy we won't have enough money for the train tickets back to Budapest. Well E and the driver drove away to search for an ATM and Eve and I decided to stay and watch our luggage. When they finally came back, the station guy asked us where we were going. We told him that we were waiting for the train to Budapest to arrive any time now. He looked at us with the asking face and asked if we meant the one that was coming from Budapest to Sarajevo. That's when he said that there has never even been a train that travels form Sarajevo to Budapest at evening, only in the mornings. Well we realized that we couldn't just stay in Sarajevo, but that we should try to get up north and the only way to do that was to jump to the train that would take us to Zagreb again. We were totally panicking because it was already 9 pm and our flight was leaving the next afternoon from Budapest. We tried to call our parents but non of our phones could work! Only Evelina's finish phone had a little battery left and it saved us! We told them in panic to search for cheap flights from Zagreb, Munich, Ljubljana, trains from Z to B... etc, but non of them suited us. At least we had some stray dogs chilling there with us. I think that we were more lost than they.

The trip back to Zagreb was really stressful. H and Eve were in a total panic and E was just laughing. Soon our dad called to tell us that one of our friends was going to meet us at the Z station and his brother was going to drive us to B! :D We were just so relieved that Eve and H started crying. Finally we were able to relax and get some good night sleep. Though, none of us really slept well, because the tickets were checked every hour and it was so cold that even two sweaters weren't enough to keep us warm. When we arrived to Z the train was one hour late. The guy, who was there to meet us,  took us to their parents house where they had made us a really good breakfast! :D It was just a heaven on earth that moment. The trip to B took us around 3 to 4 hours, and even though our flight wasn't until after two hours, we almost missed our check in. We were so tired that we slept the whole flight back to Tampere. We were totally shocked when we landed, it was grey, raining and it was fu*cking cold! We were three tanned girls in summer clothes... lucky for us our dad was there and we could finally start our trip back to Mikkeli... We were so tired and hungry... and the next day was a moving day for all of us... Imagine that... Unpack and pack ALL!

Great holiday it was :D