Thursday, May 31, 2012

... St. Michel is calling

As you can see from the first photo, I have packed the most things in my Kuopio home now. I just finished with cleaning up and the tenant is coming here this evening. I hope my stuff will be in good condition when I come back here on September. This day started with training. We had really good food in Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi and the people I met were really nice + I passed the test we had.

Now I´m waiting for the train to Mikkeli. I will have a free weekend and I´m really waiting for it. I hate this weather now- why couldn´t it be better when I´m off the duties? :( Last summer was the same, I worked on every sunny day, and every time I was able to go home it started raining or it was just clowdy. And the month when I had my holiday- last August, was already cold... :( it was form 0 to max 10 degrees outside then. :( I hope this summer will be better!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Strawberry days

 This lamp was one of the things I was ready to get.

My days have been pretty hectic past week. I have visited Ikea Kuopio with my mom and dad, packed all my stuff, brought some of them to Mikkeli for this summer, worked in R-kioski and studied. I have had only one day just for myself. My feet are really sore because of all standing at job. I had some time to go out and sunbath. It was really relaxing to feel such a wormth after a long winter period. I´m really happy that I had chance to be out that day, because now- I´m having a free day but the weather couldn´t be any worse. It´s really cold and clowdy. Lucky me I came to Kuopio again to meet my dentist again and tomorrow I´m having another training in here. After that I still have to clean my apartment and give the keys to the summer tenant. I had to call for another appointment to Helsinki also. That means I´m going there next week :)! Before that I still have to go back to Mikkeli to visit Elvisa's and Jenna's graduation parties on Saturday and Sunday. :) I hope that weather could be a little better than it is now :( Finland I´m missing the sun and I´m very envious to R and T now because they are in Barcelona!

At least I´m eating the strawberries, drinking Clipper's hot chocolate and eating :). Things that always make me smile<3

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Now what?

My night was better than I expected. I did sleep 5 hours and it was really easy to wake up. My stomach was messed up totally and it was really hard for me to eat. I was less nervous than last year, because I could sleep in my own bed this time and the places and the faces were familiar. It was about 5 hours of reading, calculating, thinking and more thinking. 5 hours were not enough for me- I couln´t complete 4 of all 16 tasks. The first task was really the one that took the most of time- 20 papers to read,  much to remember and calculate and 142 alternatives. But I made it. After the exam it was time to walk to one store and grab something nice for my wardrobe. Now I still have to wash the dishes, vacuum and pack my stuff. After that I´m heading to Mikkeli and then the summer and the working period begins (ok continues). I still have 2 exams next week too, and this job is the one I´ve had now for a while (R -kioski). I´m tired now and I would really like to sleep... but I can´t. I just have to start doing the things that are waiting for me. Buah.

Monday, May 21, 2012


I just ate a 160g of French loaf in a minute... I don´t even like it that much but I still ate that much? Maybe this has something to do with the fact that I had a dentist this morning and I couldn't eat before not after it. So I was pretty hungry after 6 hours of waiting to anesthesia to pass and this French loaf was first to catch my eyes. I had a lovely weekend, I watched many nice movies with my boo and studied. I think I should continue with studying now but the weather is too nice! The sun is shining but the wind is blowing so it´s not that warm, but I was able to go out with my shorts on. I´m feeling a little nervous now about the Wednesday but I hope everything will go ok. I just have to remember that little baby-Papillon that was so playful. She came to me when I was walking down the street and wanted to play with me. I love the way puppies always cheer me up :)! Oh dear... I´m in love :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


This day has been pretty hectic. I have been hunting a nice dress for the graduation parties and getting some new stuff I have been needing for a while. I love the products of Yves Rocher, and this self tanning lotion was not an exception. It smells so good and my skin is feeling super silky now. I could put the second layer of it soon, because it was not that deep tan that I want. Maybe I should try to put it on without any buffing mitts. Minna is throwing a party today, but I can´t join them. I have to continue studying. Anni is also coming here to pick up her knife she left here a week ago. I love those blue shorts I got, I´m really loving bright colours because they always cheer me up. :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

messed up monday

Here I am, sitting and drinking a hot cappuchino, books on my lap and Mtv on. I just came back home, my hair is in a mess because of the wind outside. I returned the keys to one of my employers and now I´m having just one job. I like it this way and this has been maybe the best decision in a while. I have to pack some of my stuff for the summer, and I haven´t even began... I hate the way how the obligations always accumulate. I could start making a mousaka for the dinner. I just love it. It has been one of my favourite foods in my childhood and I´m still loving it. I have noticed that I love almost all of the foods that I have loved as a child too... (mousaka, all different kinds of "pite" such as burek, zeljanica, tikvenica... etc). Goddamn I´m hungry and happy now. I have also found two perfect dresses for the graduation parties I have been invited... :D I don´t know which one to order....! Helppppp

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

It has been a wonderful day today! The sun has been shining the whole time and the weather has been nice. I had to woke up earlier to sign down the papers about renting my apartment away for the summer. Phueew- I´ve just saved a nice sum of money. It has also been a Mother's Say, I bought a card and a little present for my mom, but I will be able to give them to her in ten days. Instead of celebrating it in Mikkeli, I´ve stayed in Kuopio... Me and Minna went to the saaristokaupunki to eat the first real ice cream on this summer. Our little morning trip consisted of 2 hours walk from one island to the other. It was beautiful.

One thing that is not so nice is my head ache. I´ve had it now almost every day, and I can only get it away by pressing the acu points. Now I have to continue studying and grab something to eat. Have a nice day! 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Self made sushi with my girls

We had this really nice sushi evening yesterday. Minna and Anni came to my place and we started making sushi. It was fun and sushi ended up really good. This was my and Minna's first time eating it, but Anni is the one who really loves sushi. A came here too yesterday because of the entrance exams. It was really fun to see them all, I still have couple of weeks to stay in here before I have to move to Mikkeli again for the summer. I will have to pack the most of my little things... 

... and I should start reading again now, bye. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Mama's b-day

My family came to Kuopio on Friday evening. I had made them a really delicious berry-curd pie. When they arrived we made a really nice dinner together. Saturday was all about making good breakfast, going to the grocery store and driving back to Mikkeli. I was so happy to see all these lakes again<3 At home me and my sister started painting the birthday card to mama with oil paint without any brushes... :D it was really hard but we managed  to make the river and the cherry tree look really good! It was really fun. The next morning I made her a strawberry-brita cakeand our dad made a dinner. We celebrated her big day, but we also remembered our grandpa who had gone to the heaven a year ago on mama's bday (El-fatiha didu mome). All in all the day was great, we had a chance to talk about things, laugh and remember the old times. Elvira had to leave us on Sunday evening when she headed back to Jyväskylä to work and study. I´m going back to Kuopio on Wednesday again, I´m still sick and I really hope that this flue will go away soon. I want to go to the gym and feel + LOOK good ! I hate this swollen face right now and the amount of snot that is running out... :D

Friday, May 4, 2012

in a mess

I got a flue a few days ago. I felt much better yesterday so I went to the gym. It was so cold outside when I walked those 3km's there that I thing my flue came back because of it. That picture is taken after the gym and before my lecture. I have no time to go to the shower in between so I just have to fresh myself and make up my eyes and lips to be ready to go out. I have to clean up my place now. My parents and sisters are coming here today to visit me :) I can´t wait to see them! :) I hate that big pile of laundry... and I have no wash machine. I have also found two potential tenants to my apartment. I hope we can get to agreement and sign the papers. It would be a lot easier for me that way, because I will live in Mikkeli the whole June and July because of my work. :) ps. If you have a chance to go out GO! :) The weather couldn't be any better (just warmer)! :D

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

1st of May in Helsinki

I left to Helsinki on Friday and came back to Kuopio yesterday. It was a really nice mini holiday for me. I met my friends and my boo. It was really nice to see them all again and spend some quality time. I went shopping with H a couple of times, we went to two different smoothie bars Fuel and Ciao and walked around sunny Helsinki. A and V came to her place from where we headed to the Virgin Oil to see Raappana, Ruger Hauer and Ruudolf perform. It was ok because I was really tired.  Then I went to the A's place before meeting E and T. We had a really nice time together and the time just passed so quickly that we went to sleep at 3am. The sun shone the whole 5 days in a row and I was just so happy because of it. Sunday was a perfect day to go to the movies. "We bought a Zoo" was just a perfect piece of art! I cried and smiled the whole time and the feeling after seeing it was just beyond amazing. I could watch it again and again and again and... :) It was just a perfect way of spending my day with my boo. I had this little meeting on Monday morning, I was really nervous about it... but luckily it went well! :) After that I met H again at brunch and then we headed to Alko and I grabbed V, A and T with me and it was really time to celebrate! :)    I had a great time with my duck... :D We had also crayons for painting sidewalks so we made a little artwork... :D It was a good night but we had no time for a picnic because my train left :(

ps. that black on my hand... it´s glue.