Wednesday, June 22, 2011

work work work

Yey yey yey, I have worked for three weeks now. It´s fun but I´m so tired after it that I could just go straight to bed and put a cucumber-slices on my eyes to cheer me up. I like this job a lot and I like the new coffee-cacao-machine verrrryyyy mucho! The best thing is to be at work when it´s raining out! :) What else could I be doing anyway? Ok ok, I love reading books or magazines on the balcony with a cup of hot chocolate, something great to snack and a big big blanket! That´s awesome :)

Ye ye I was little too excited about my sis's camera. I love it! Damn it hasn´t been the time for beach for one week now but I hope hope hope that day will come. Ok I have a little bit of tan on me already but unluckily my skin thinks it doesn´t need melanin to protect it so it just renovates itself back to blanche. Haha ps. the best midsummer is yet to come :) Jenna and me, we are going to tplace that takes 5,5 hours driving. Can´t expose where cuz I don´t want to ruin the surprise :) One thing I know- random things are the best and extempore trips the cherry on the cream. Love you Jenna!

That´s my bun, I love to wear it on summer. It´s just so practical and it makes sure you neck gets tan too... I think it´s a bit odd id it´s just white... while everything else is brown :D But now.... I have to continue :) Bye!

Monday, June 20, 2011

It´s so hard to climb but the view is great

Elvira is 19 years now too, we had a little b-day party with almost self made nachos, bilar and a great movie. We also went out to celebrate. It was fun :)! Elvisa's dog was so thrilled about us that she just jumped all over the place and run around herself. Funny little dog. It was such a nice weather yesterday. I went out to play frisbee with Aaro. We just hanged out the whole evening, listened the music and talked about life and stuff. How complicated can things really be? Like commm'ooon! Why do people want to hurt each others or just pretend so fucking difficult to be around with? I just can´t get it. I know that I couldn´t hurt anybody like they can. Maybe I´m just too kind or something but hell no, I´m not going to low myself down to their level, never. I think it´s more important to have friends than just pushing them away or gathering enemies around you. That´s life: It´s so hard to climb but the view is great.

Photos by Elvira! If you want to follow her blog please visit Ps. The blog archive is under the posts!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Elvira's graduation party 2011!

My sister graduated from high school too this year. We had a big party. Entire day including the evening and night of course was fabulous! He woke up at 6 am to get everything ready but I had to help Sabina and Elvira with their hair and make up so that it ended up like always; I hadn´t enough time to get myself ready. Luckily it was a good hair day even if I just managed to get it dry (no hair products at all). After all this we went to Mikaeli at 9 am to the graduation ceremony. They all had their graduation "hats", certificates etc. She did it all well! I was so happy to see many of my friends standing there so happy :)! After that I took some pictures of Elvira and the rest, we went home to prepare the party and then the guests arrived. It was all about great food, drinks, champagne, great big and tasty cakes etc :) yammmy! I also went to Sanni's and Arttu's graduation parties when I managed to do all of my duties and enjoy my sister's party. It was so much fun and..... tasty. :D Oh god how much I ate! It´s never too much! :) After that it was time to go to the club to party hard. Haha I think I came home around 4-5 am.... :) But now let´s see the photos! You can also see photos of my own grad-party HERE.

 My sister Elvira :)

 Sister Sabina, cousin Elvisa and sister Elvira

 Cousin Anes
 Cousins Amra and Anes and their dad
 daddy :)

Elina and me
 Cousin Robert and my uncle

Many many wonderful gifts, moneyenvelopes and the best one- the camera. ;)