Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sooonnn... =)


So I´m done with my summerjob, today was my payday too (oh mayday mayday there are sales going on...). It was so nice there that I could easily go there next summer too. Yesterday was nice, I went to the beach with a bunch of girls and 3 guys, we swam and played some beach volley... =) It was supernice time! After that I watched the game and went to sleep... :) ALMOST. I just got the information that I`M ACCEPTED TO JYVÄSKYLÄ UNIVERSITY to study cell-and microbiology and nanotechnology ! That means I´m gonna get a master's degree in 5 years :) Suppa suppa ! 10 minutes studying was wort it ;) Jyväskylä is not too far from Mikkeli so it´s gonna be easy to come here and grab a cup of coffee for excample after school. :)

:) I also visited my dad´s workplace (Mikpoli) today on my way home.
So this was my second working table right next to my mom :D

After all this, I came home and went shopping with Sabina. (Gonna show you all today =) ). And then I went to Arttu's place. We grabbed their old turquouse car and drove to his summercottage. I liked the place very much and oh the water was soooo warm! =) Could go there again! Drivingpart was still the most hilarious... :D Oh god... old car and those roads to the cottages, scared guy and a girl who loves when he's in panic because of the driving means only lots of laugh! :D

Now I´m gonna introduce you to my crib in Bosnia :) (It´s not finished yet).


Have to stop now, it´s midnight and I have to go to bed...! Good Night!


  1. onnea opiskelupaikasta! etkö meinaa enää lääkikseen yrittää?

  2. Kiitos :)! Meinaan ehkäpä, mutta tuo nanoteknologia on niin tulevaisuuden ala, että se kiinnosta ihan yhtä kovasti :) olenkin tässä ajatellut tehdä kummankin vuorotellen tai yhtäaikaa/ joskus myöhemmin toinen :)