Thursday, October 20, 2011

New coat :)

I just ordered a new coat from Asos, I needed one new cause my favourite coat is no more wearable. I think it was time to get it and I like it very veeeery much :) It´s just so simple and it has a nice hood and pockets. The shoes you see are one of my favourite Bronx shoes I own, I bought them on summer and totally forgot to show them to you. They are real leather, they don´t hurt my legs and the heel is made of wood. I like to use ecological, organic and natural materials in everything- I think it´s the only way that helps our planet and the living creatures on it. I bought those shoes from Bianco- one of my fave-shoe-shops. Now I still have to make myself a breakfast and then start prepping myself for my exam. The course is called Radiopharmacy- and chemistry, and I really have a lot to read and calculate yet. So ciucau for now :) Tomorrow I´m going back to Mikkeli again :)


  1. Onko noi ne valkoset kengät vai jotkut joita minä en ole nähnyt?:O

  2. valkoset on siellä nää on ne mun konjakkiset ! :D