Friday, March 1, 2013

how to make a "fan-bun"

We got a request to make a post about how to make the bun that Herminica was wearing on our last travelling -post. It's very easy and cute look, especially for summer (I personally don't like messy kind of a hairstyles for winter, so I would wear this only for summer). It's very easy and quick to do. So just follow the next steps, if you liked the bun and want to recreate it :).

The more texture you have in your hair, the easier this bun is to create. Forget the sleek and healthy looking hair and let it look dry and messy!

1. Tease your hair until it looks like one big messy ball. If your hair is naturally curly and thick you might be able to skip this part. For example for H this part is unnecessary. 

2. Pull your hair high up on a regular bun. 

3. Take the sides of your bun and pull your hair downwards and create a fan of your hair. 

4. Pin the sides of the fan with some hairpins. This is why we teased the hair in the beginning. If there is not enough texture, you hair won't want to stay like this and there would be break ups. 


Have a nice week end everyone! 

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  1. Lovely tutorial :) You guys are so gorgeous :)
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