Monday, December 17, 2012

EUROTRIP 2012 - PART 6 - from Jablanica to one Split banana!

 A city called Jablanica (In Bosnia & Herzegovina) got it's name from the big lake called Jablanica. This is though just a river that goes through the whole city and it´s surroundings. It´s just one amazing place to visit :) So green, sunny and so turquoise! It was unbelievably beautiful to stay there.

H sent postcards from everywhere... She collects them herself too and puts them inside the wardrobe doors. So every time she changes her clothes it takes just a second to travel far away- Split belongs to Croatia nowadays. :) We stayed at a student couple's home for 10 days, it was only 130€ per a nose and we had everything in there- spices, wash machines, three beds, TV, a kitchen and most importantly a grocery shop, beach and a city center were a stone's throw away!

From Bacvice beach - it is the only beach with this tiny sand. We prefered this one because the rest of them had too big rocks. We love rocky beaches only if the rocks are small because then the water is so pure and clean and you can pick up the sea urchins and little crabs from water. Black sea urchins are really in common in Adriatic sea- they are a sign of a clean water and they are not dangerous. If you step on one though pick a raw fig from tree and put it's milk at the place you have spikes on, that´s how you can get rid of them easily (Usually we "locals" know the tricks to everything ;) ) !

One day out! We were out every day- this was really a refreshing custom... :D

Because every pose shouldn't be the same?

This was one of the coldest evenings we had! We don´t actually know why because the thermometer stayed the same every night...?

At the Diocletian's Palace... The best place in Split!

I had to pretend that I'm one of the sailors- I love the sailor-look. - H

Climbing on Palace walls... They were pretty high and my shoes were slippery... - H

 As you can see, we are born monkeys.

Palace is full with high quality restaurants, shops, entertainments and cafes. Prises were lower than in Sarajevo and that really was as a surprise because in other seaside towns the prices have been higher every year.

 And the light... it was so beautiful.

The meaning of this is "Goodbye to the cowboys"

Palacinke! We took the chocolate filled ones ;)

Stray cats and dogs were everywhere... Sad thing was that the most of them suffered from cat flue...

Riva- the main street in Split.

Something we order all the time in Bosnia and Croatia - Pudding !

And some best cider... :)

Why can't we be as tanned as then?

A kiss for my bebis. - H

Our every day supplements... We couldn´t wake up without drinking these first every morning in Bosnia and Croatia... :)

You have a Bosnian street even in Split. It just reminds us all about Bosnian former history as a Kingdom.

This evening was silly... we just took some silly photos and laughed at them... :D

We decided to dedicate one day to shopping... Well it really was one of the best days on this trip! We got many new clothes and shoes to stuff in our luggage... :)

At the city harbor.

This as definitely our favorite cafe! We came at least once a day here to eat a piece of New York cheese cake and drink a latte. They automatically knew what we wanted so we could just sit down and wait for the service... :D

...and it was the only place we had a perfect access to the internet.

O.O We have to go there again just to get a piece of that New Yorker!

Heading to the beach! We woke up early ever single day.

It was absolutely breathtaking for two reasons. 1. The view was so beautiful 2. We had to climb up o the rocks... 

Cooling it down... :)

A model of Split.

New shoes from Sarajevo!

Place where happened all the time... Fire show was our favorite!

The last day when Evelina arrived and our journey as Three Little Musceteers began!

We took a bus from Sarajevo to Split. A buss drive took too many hours because it stopped almost everywhere. At least the views across Bosnia and Croatia are always something you can just admire despite the late schedule... Jablanica was so beautiful, the driving between the mountains and next to the Neretva river were unbelievable. The rocky terrain, old abandoned houses, sheep and wild horses in Herzegovina... beautiful. 

We arrived to Split and headed to our apartment... Well we taught it would be a easy task to walk there and drag all that luggage but guess what happened. My bag went broken and we had to drag all uphill, in (+45 in the shadow so it was too much in the sun...) the sun shine along the slippery pavement... We felt like heroes when we arrived to our destination! We still had to find a grocery store and get ourselves something to eat. At least that was easy! :) 

Rest days passed by waking up before it was too hot to walk, eating a breakfast, getting ourselves ready for beach, packing lotions and some food for the beach in our cool bag and laying on the beach, swimming, playing hand ball with an old local grandpa and his four nieces, checking up the zebra fishes swimming between our legs, smelling like two little coconuts and sipping refreshing drinks and eating good local food! It was really relaxing to read books or listen to the music and feel the warm sun on the skin.

After all beach fun we took a shower, got ourselves ready and headed to the town. Cafes, shops, bars, outdoor entertainments and cute little picnics made our evenings complete! Split was the only place where we bumped into creepy people, the beggars who said "Suck my d*ck" at croatian language to the tourists to get money and the street musicians who didn´t let you take photos of the street if they were playing there, they rather shout to you that "whores" are not allowed to take photos of them and that all tourists should stuck their cameras up to their asses. :) That´s how polite some of the locals were... So it´s better not to give money to the beggars and to the musicians... at least not in Split. They really knew how to ruin the holiday if you bumped into them :)


  1. Aivan mieletön postaus! Ihan ku olisi itse hypänny teidän reissuun. Kauniit kuvat ja tyylikkäät neidit kruunaa tietysti kirsikkana kakun päällä :)<3 aivan uppouduin kesään ettei tekis yhtään mieli lukea huomiseen hissan kokeeseen... :-D

    1. Toivon että koe meni hyvin! :D Kesän miettiminen tekee onneks vaan hyvää koko kropalle joten ei hätää, et häviä mitään ;D! Näitä mielettömii postauksii on tulossa viel lisää, ootappa vaan :D !

  2. Huikeita kuvia, millä kuvaat ja millä käsittelet?

    1. Hohoo :)! Kiitos maijunen! :) Hmm meillon kummallakin Sonyn alpha Nex 5 käytössä :) Mulla nyt toki uudempi malli kun siskolla, mutta on tää kyl yks huikee mikrojärkkäri! Kuvat on muokkaamattominakin ihan hemmetin kauniita väriensä puolesta, tässä postauksessakaan ei oo kaikki muokattuja! Mut tosiaan jos jotain muokkaan ni heitän ne toycamera analogin läpi yleensä jos ei oo aikaa vekslailla adoben photarin kanssa :)!

  3. ihana blogi ja mielettömän kauniita ootte! :) voisinpa itekki vierailla bosnias, ehk jonakin kauniina päivänä teen niin. tää on ihan randomi kysymys haha mut minkä pituinen Evi oikeen on? se näyttää hurjan pitkältä mut en osaa sanoo et onks evi pitkä vai onks herminica vaa lyhyt... :D

    1. Hei kiitoksia hullun paljon näistä kivoista sanoista t. Kesken painajaisen juuri herännyt. Tyttö joka eibmuista tätä varmaan kun herää kunnolla... :D eli evi on 167 ja h 160. Tosiaan jalat on ihan samanpituset lantionluihin asti, sen jälkeen e voittaa selän ja kaulan kanssa :D! Ollaan mittailtu!