Thursday, February 21, 2013

EUROTRIP 2012 - PART 8 - Tourist guides in Sarajevo

A paradise in Sarajevo - Vrelo Bosne

The water was so pure and cold as ice that H had to pretend that she´s Tarzan every once in a while...

Yep... as you see.


Our little victory dance

A bum sleeping;) Actually it was Jaidan, he was sick.

Morning started with good lattes:)

A random puppy that we saw wondering around. So cute:)

He was a clever puppy, stomach must be as tanned as his back.

Chicken Caesar salad !

A time for refreshing...

A time for a trip to the war-tunnel museum.

An exploded land mine.

This was the famous tunnel that was the only way out from the center. Water, food... everything was coming and going through it.

... And so were we.


This was the best meal ever! - E

Nope this was! ;D -H

The best evening ever... :D
 Mostar got him.

This just looks too much like charlies angles :D

Once there was an old town- now there´s a cemetery.

Happy and hungry girls!

It was fun to be a tourist guide in Sarajevo for one week. We had so much fun doing the stuff we didn't do when there were just the two of us. First we decided to take tours in the city center to show them how it looks after 20 years from the war.  They were really amazed about the bullet holes on buildings, grenade holes on the pavements and the lifestyle people had there. So chilled and calm- but still very social and humble. 

We spent every day out doing something new. One day we decided to go to Vrelo Bosne, a pure paradise located near us. Sam was so sick and his leg was in pain so he didn´t come with us. It was so nice to be in somewhere green. Even though every day was hot this must have been the hottest... We walked and walked and swam, it was so nice to cool down, enjoy the view and have fun. We even saw a dead frog! Thank god that puppy we saw too wasn't :)! He was such a cutie pie. So relaxed and kind little fellow. 

After a relaxing day we decided to visit the war tunnel museum. It really was something. Can you imagine that it was dug by bare hands, it started from one house and it was the only way out and in? Many people told us that if they wanted food it was so expensive that they had to give all of their golden wedding rings and  other possible valuable things away. So many of them had no home left, no family members alive and no money to survive. So it really was a good place to visit!

After those tours we spent every day out, climbed on this hill called Tekija (the best part was when we had climbed... because it was tuff and the sweat was just poaring down...!), ate in many good restaurants (damn those meals were good! + totally organic and the service was good!) and had few nights out. This was really one of the best weeks this summer. Definitely- jokes, friends, randomness, travelling, new places and fun stuff. One of the best nights was probably the one when we went to Hacienda and the other bar across it! :D Nice drinks and good music because E&E were DJ's that night :D haha....

We  had  even a nice chill out session with a little gipsy girl. :D She was something! Such a bright child- she was begging us to give her one mark- we asked her if she would accept one euro and she refused. Then we asked her about kunas etc... only mark coins were something she wanted. Then we showed her a 50 mark bill- and guess what she said? She said NO! :D Ok, we had to give her few coins- but only because she was that cute and she even slapped guys on their butts... :D 


  1. Ihan täydellisen näköistä! Täytyy lisätä must-see-countries-listalle! :)

    1. Kannattaa ehdottomasti! :D Reili noilla suunnilla voittaa kyllä aivan kaiken!