Monday, August 9, 2010

Back again!

Ciucau everybody!

I´m back now :) ! So much has happened I can tell! I´ll probably have to do several posts about the trip, cause I just can´t tell everything in one or post so many pictures at one :)! Everything went well, I loved every moment but as much I had fun I also missed my baby very much. The same day we arrived home we met, and oh God how good it felt to hug him again! Thank God I didn´t start crying, I was soooo happy! I just couln´t stop watching him!

Past days I´ve been chilling around in Mikkeli and Jyväskylä with my friend Jenna and with Arttu. Jenna came just back from Canada, she stayed there for one year as an exchangestudent. When she called me at 10pm and said "Hey I´m standing in front of your door, are you home?" I was like Oh, my köriläs is back! We had so much to talk about, that before we realized it was 3 am! I was also at Arttu's littlebrother's b-day party, we played some football and tried to play with Transformers... :D

I´ve also got myself a new home from Jyväskylä city center :)! I signed the papers on friday. Those 34 square meters are now mine, and yes I love the place. Even though it isn´t as tidy and nice as our home here in Mikkeli but still. It means that I can now start/continue living my own life and it really is the time to learn how to take care of myself. Thank God I don´t mind housework! :D The only problem is that I will probably feel a little bit lonely there after school, but Mikkeli is not far away from Jyväskylä. It takes about one hour to get there by car. That means I will be able to go and come how ever I want. =)

Now I´m going to meet my another good friend Elina! First though, it´s time for a shower! I´ll publish the posts about the trip as soon I have enough time to write them :)!

-C ya! Ninic!

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