Wednesday, July 6, 2016

EUROTRIP 2015 Part 4/8: Amazing Hvar, chapter 2

Hvar island is much more than just a few little amazingly beautiful cities. What really makes this place beautiful is its harsh but yet beautiful nature with calming landscapes. Hiking, driving or biking around the island can be the best decision for people who are not there just to get tanned and drunk.

Beaches were all beautiful and we decided to walk along the cost line for few days. Be prepared to have enough water and some food with yourself because only few beaches have a restaurant right next to them. There are many great spots for swimming that are not crowded. However not all beaches are suitable for kids who are not used to swimming. That can be a turn off for families but also a big plus for people, who don't want to hear people after closing their eyes under the sun.

One of best things was to chill out with beach cats and hens while sun bathing! It felt a bit wrong though to hear and smell the beach and hear rooster singing at the same time... It was a bit unusual at least if I could say. Luckily they were friendly and mostly concentrated on sleeping under the tables or picking some food from the ground.

I love Adriatic sea. It's just so dear to me. I feel like we are one when I'm there. That must sound finny but actually I have grown up next to water- lakes, rivers and sea. I could never imagine myself living somewhere where you have to walk more than one kilometer to reach the one of them. However, sea has one thing others do not Waves! One of the best things about the sea! That sound is just perfect... It was relaxing as much as it was refreshing- those two elements combined are things that make special moments and turn those moments into a good mood and finally, into a successful vacation. 
- Herminica

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  1. Itse menen usein pienten lasteni kanssa Kroatiaan, eivät vielä tykkää uida meressä (eivätkä osaa ilman kellukkeita), mutta kiviä voivat heittää tuntikausia. Yritän myös aina löytää rauhallisen rannan, etteivät he kivitä uimareita :D. Suomessa jos menemme uimarannalle eka kysymys on "missä kivet?". No toivotaan että siellä joku päivä myös uidaan enemmän kuin heitetään kiviä, niin kaunis on Jadransko more, täysin vienyt sydämeni. :)