Wednesday, February 27, 2013

EUROTRIP 2012 - PART 9 - Second trip to Mostar 2/2

The Mostar Bridge!

Tired girls! It was still too early to be awake, but Mostar was worth it!

Something delicious for the train trip:)


The most beautiful place

Breakfast place!

E making a cutest bun ever.

Happier when having the hair up!

You can see what the war has done even there

Traditionally bosnian :)

Shopping some souvenirs. 

Eating after swimming!

E was always running to get out of the sun, because of the heat.

cooling down under a waterfall

Us reading about Mostars' history.

This bird was really awesome! Look at that egg too!

We were making the "it's so damn cold" -faces.

The best thing you can do in your life is to swim in Neretva!

Because our last trip was so short and we really fell in love with the place once again- we decided to make another trip to Mostar. You can read about the previous one by clicking THIS. We made sure that we woke up early (too early), made a good and quick breakfast and then packed just the items we would need: camera, phones, keys, bikinis, food and water and some extra money. The cab (Company called "Crveni taxi" is the cheapest and their drivers are nice + they don´t charge extra for your luggage!) arrived fast and took us to the train station.  Travelling there was a bit exciting because the forest fires were all over Southern Europe- and Bosnia was no  exception). Though we were all still very tired, the views kept us awake and entertained. We could see the flames on the mountains and the smoke was so thick that you couldn't see the blue sky... The sun was still shining and you can only imagine how hot it was to be in the hottest city in Europe while the fires and the aerosols were only making the heat worse... +50 degs it was! :D

When we arrived we went to change our bikinis on and then to this nice place to have a late breakfast, another one that day :D. We decided to order sweet pancakes and buy some fresh fruits from the local square. Then we wanted to something refreshing... it was time to swim under the bridge and damn it felt good! Most of the people were just too terrified of the "cold" +9 degs water but to us it was just perfect way to cool down and prevent the thermal shock... :D After some beautiful and cooling hours we decided to go to another restaurant and eat before we  headed to the bridge museum. :) It was really exciting to be up there and see and listen about the bridge's history! Such a remarkable peace of architecture and art! They had the tiniest doors we had ever seen... :D Even H looked like a giant! :D

Then it was time for another swimming time, the last this summer, if you don't count swimming in a pool. We wanted to enjoy every moment we could before getting to the train station and the most uncomfortable train ride ever... Damn it was hot in there and we couldn't even keep the windows open because of the smoke from fires and some lunatics were even smoking inside the train...! It really was something that annoyed us... :D Smoking indoors... it´s like having pigs eating from the kitchen table. :D The day was so full of enjoyment and action that we all fell asleep in the train. That's a sign of a well spent day :).


  1. Can you please teach how you made that bun in some of your posts?!
    Love your blog :)

    1. You just start it like you are making a ponytail, but don't pull the "tail" totally through the hairband! :) And just repeat it as many times as it can go around! :) In my case it´s about from 1 to 2 times! :)

    2. actually, herkku, we, who don't have as much hair as you do, have to do couple more steps ;D

  2. Hej cure odakle ste uzeli voz za mostar? I koliko vas je kostala karta od prilike ? :) bas vam je super blog,samo nastavite tako! :)

    1. Ovaj drugi put smo putovali iz Sarajeva i za mene je kostalo 20KM a za Herminu mozda oko 15, po sto ona je imala studencku karticu sasobom ;)

    2. Izvini Lido ali sam sada pogledala bila onu jednu sliku o karti, moja je bila izasla 26,80KM sa popustom! :D

  3. :D bas su vam super postovi..i bas mi je drago sto volite Bosnu :D nedavno sam bila u Mostaru, ali mi se nije ucinio ovako lijep :D

    1. :D ma meni se cini da samo nasi bosanci u bosni ne vole bosnu a svi ostali vole! :D Cak i svi stranci koji tamo idu, rado bih se vratili ili proveli recimo dio svoga zivota tamo! :D Znam da ih ima i sada, recimo od jedne finkinje roditelji zive u Ilidzi i sada :) I ne bih se niposta vratili nazad ni u Stockholm gdje su sami zivjeli prije! :D

  4. Even though australia is my home, my heart always remains in Bosnia, my birthplace. Sadly the war took the opportunity to grow up in this beautiful land but i am thankful for people like you, who show light on this beautiful place. It started my own blog, to continue showing people all around the world how beautiful Bosnia & Hercegovina (part where im from) is and why they should add it to their bucket lists. Ive done 3 separate trips back home in just 14 months and plan on going every year to re discover my roots. And its helped my bosnian language skills alot, as i mostly speak english at home. I HIGH RECOMMEND anyone traveling to Europe to add BOSNIA to their list. You wont regret it, and it will keep you coming back for more!