Monday, October 29, 2012

Such a beautiful world it is

Running with Sabina, refreshing first snow and a beautiful sun :)

Presents ! Money is not in the photos :) And look at the little Bambi creatures!! :) I just love them... I´m actually obsessed with them... :D

The "riding boots" made of real leather ! I absolutely love them!

I´m a true animal lover. I´m kinda obsessed with dears, dogs, cats, horses, hedgehogs... Just name it. I´m really happy to get that pillow sheet from Marimekko ( I actually jumped on my bed...) , that Moomin thermos for the long school and work days and that Paola Suhonen's cat's-eye to protect me from being a dear in the spotlight. :) All in all I´m really pleased for the effort my family members did for me. 

I felt like a real horse girl too... (ok I was one when I was younger...) and fell in love with these boots. After walking in them for 9km's on snow and ice I couldn´t be more satisfied with myself. More than 100 euros less on my bank account but it´s definitely a sum worth my legs.

I´m having an exam of Immunology tomorrow. My day is going to be actually really long... Nutrition from 8am to 3pm, and the exam after that + a promoting instruction for one hour on the evening. I know- it will be a really hectic day and my stomach will be loud... I don´t have time to go to the lunch so I think I have to satisfy with apples I bought earlier... How fun is that? :/ Damn.

- Herminica


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    1. Kiitos! Ainakin yllättävän hyvä kännykällä otetuks! :D

  2. Apua kuinka ihanat saappaat! Just sellaiset kun olen itekin metsästänyt. Aivan pakko kysyä: mistä olet nuo löytänyt? :)

  3. Huomaa että rakastat eläimiä kun kirjotat deerin sijaan dear :D Ihana blogi!

    1. oho nappasin sen alitajusesti tosta heijastimesta ! :DDD kiitoksshia!