Monday, June 21, 2010

EUROTRIP 2010 - Planning

Ciucau people!
As every previous year we are going to do our annual trip around Europe by our car. Here is our route plan for this year. I´ve marked it with red. Everything will start from Mikkeli on friday  (2.7). We will drive to Turku and embark the ship called Silja Europa. Silja Europa will take us to Sweden where we are going maybe visit some of our friends and family (if not now then on the way back to Finland). After that we will have to drive those 600km to Helsinborg and take another boat to Helsingår Denmark. Then we will drive there and maybe visit my mother's cousin in Köpenhagen. Then the route will lead us to third boat that takes us to Germany. Oh God how much I hate arriving in Germany... :D It´s so hard to start talking german after talking swedish and listening to the danish... :D Well... anyways we will have to drive about 1000km to Basel Switzerland. There we will go and visit my aunt (dad's sister) and her family and some other friends of my family. We will stay there about a week and then drive throug Italy and maybe stop somewhere nice? I hope we could stop and visit Venice... My dad knows that place better than his own pockets cause in his youth he has always went there on weekends to buy new levis jeans or italian shoes.
Dad in Venice :)!

What then... Welll...through Slovenia to Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina where we will spend 4 weeks. We have our house there too near Prijedor. It´s between Zagreb and Sarajevo.  That  also means that we will go around those two countries and visit different cities and meet our friends and familymembers. Sarajevo is the one city I absolutely love and Mostar is the second one. We will also visit our friend Magdalena in Makarska Riviera and stay at her place for at least 10 days. It will be all about sea, swimming and sun... Just like in Kozarac too.. :D There is one Water Park I visit every day. It´s nice to sip Smirnoff Ice, sunbath and swim with friends and cousins. :) and did I meantion... We will go out every night and eat Pizza from Mexx as there´s no other food on this planet. Hope I won´t turn into a fattygirl. :D ohlalaa.

Let me introduce- my dear mama Bosnia :)

-  Nina


  1. I love this posting :) bosnia seems to bee amazing country, soo beautiful, absolutely gorgeous :o I've never given a thought of going there for a vacatiion, but this posting truly got me interested, and gave me ideas, I might as well go there some day :) and I suppose I can ask you if I want to know something about it :) anyway, great posting, amazing pictures, I want to go there now too :DD

  2. Nice to heat that you like it :)! Yes of course you can ask me about the places and stuff, I´d be more than happy to answer :)! I think I could do a posting about the places worth visiting? :)

  3. Oioi mitä kuvia! =)

    Muuten, kun sulla on noin hyvä iho, niin mitä kasvojenpuhdistusaineita ja kosteusvoiteita käytät?:)

  4. No jos tuotelistaus kelpais? :D vaiko postaus kuvineen? :D kumpaa? :)

  5. Ihan miten haluat! :D Toki tuotelistaus kelpaa :)

  6. Oh I love your blog <3 You`re so interesting and beautiful!! Keep on bloggig, you are now one of my favourites :) Greetings from Norway

  7. Anonymous1: Sitä saa mitä tilaa ;) Ole hyvä :)! Silmäympärysvoiteen kuvaa ei löytyny mutta muut kyllä :)!

    Anonymous2: Thank you :)! I definitely will continue, greetings to Norway from Finland :)!