Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Olen onnellinen, mitä sä luulit"

Love the song
I´m just sipping my hot chocolate here at work all by myself. The sun is shining outside, but I´m here. Just thinking. Next year is going to be something new again. Kuopio is calling me, strange people too. My sis is moving to Jyväskylä and kinda replacing me there cause she´s going to live in my old home. It´s still home to me, but I guess this new one in Kuopio is going to be too. I just have so many homes that really feel like home. Few places in Bosnia and Croatia and even more back here in Finland. Well at least I won´t be feeling homesickness? Can´t be really sure about that but there´s this one thing I´m certain about: Home is where your Heart is. At least that´s simple to understand even then when it feels that nothing else is clear to you. I think it´s better to have at least one place that feels like home than no home at all. It´s good :)

I went to the city to get some stuff I still needed. Clowdy days are good for it, it´s not too hot to walk around stores and eat chinese food outside. That´s my favourite thing to do! Go to the chinese restaurant, grab a lots of food with you and have a picnic by the lake and just relax! Nothing can go wrong then :)
 This Jumpsuit is my favourite thing to wear now! (H&M) Leggings (under) from Seppälä.

 My Asos order, love it :)
 H&M- love this one too
 All three are great shirts to wear with something high waisted :) (this one from seppälä)
And last one- my new bag. It´s was time to get a new smaller one. (Lindex)

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  1. Käyn kuumana etenkin sun haalarii ja tota vikaa Seppälän paitaa kohtaa! Saatan jopa joskus lainata:D