Saturday, March 23, 2013

Late Saturday nightI

I should go to sleep soon, I´m having a morning shift again tomorrow and after that I will be heading back to Kuopio late the same evening. I have had such a nice time here with my family and at work and I even found myself new glasses from Tiger Of Sweden! I can´t wait to get them :)! I haven't had my real diopter on my last ones for a few years now... so I decided to make a change a get myself new ones. It was one kind of a impulse decision, because E went there just to look at new sunglasses for us... Well well... :D

I have also one good thing to announce, we both got a summer job at the same place for this summer although I will be doing this job too the same way I´m doing it now :). This summer won't be the easiest for me or for her because we can't go on our annual roadtrip this time :( and it really sucks to know that we will have to spend the whole summer in Finland... It really sucks, no real summer for this year guys... :( I hope we can take off on September... that would just suit us perfectly! One trip then and the second one for the winter? A climate change would not hurt us! :D Our genes are just craving for it! 

ps. I can't wait to have those morning oats O.O!

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