Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday and the upcoming week

I've been going crazy with taking selfies, because my skin has been just perfect lately. Normally its so dry it almost hurts and I have to fight not to scratch my skin off. That's how irritated it gets. I actually did a honey treatment to my skin the other day and it helped a lot. It removed all the dead skin cells and hydrated my face. Next time I'm planning to add some virgin olive oil to the mask for even more moisturizing effect. And I'm even considering using natural oils as my night creams. We'll see if that keeps my skin moisturized trough the winter. 

Winter came early this year. I am already sleeping with wool socks and long sleeve nightgowns and I cannot get out of bed without dragging my blanket around with me. This morning waking up was soso hard. Luckily I got some delicious breakfast and I wasn't in a rush to school. I had just one test at 12 PM. Otherwise I've just done my grocery shopping for the week, made my self dinner and now I have to concentrate into school work for couple of hours. I have pretty easy week ahead and some nice plans for the weekend, can't wait;).

- evi