Saturday, February 2, 2013

Perfect Weekend

I would like to adopt one of these little puppies, they are just three days old and so cute and tiny! - Herminica

This weekend has just been so perfect so far. I came  to Mikkeli in Thursday evening and after a long time I could just relax on the sofa and not do anything. It was a perfect way to start a wonderful weekend! -Evi

We all woke up very early on Friday morning. Herminica headed to the gym (It was my leg-butt-core day! - H), Evi did her workout at home, our little sister studied and parents went to work.  After that Evi went to pick a gift voucher that Herminica had given her to visit a local gym. Now she has an opportunity to try that gym for a week for free :). 

 Evi and Eve had to go to rent snowshoes for this weekend for Evi, Eve and Sabi from some sort of a rental company. For some inconceivable reason, there was no one at the rental office when they arrived there, though it was supposed to be open for another 30 minutes. So we didn't get those shoes :(. It's a feed back - time to that company! It's not fair that workers get off work 30 minutes earlier than they are supposed to.

Well, the second plan was to get skis! Luckily we all had them from our primary school -times. We went to get skis and then headed back to Eve's place. Her dog had given birth to four adorable puppies few days ago and we just couldn't wait to see them! In two weeks their eyes are going to open and we cannot wait for that either :D. Right now they are quite boring but still so cute (I wouldn't say that they are boring! Rather calming! :D - H ). They are mix of a bichon havanais and pomeranian and we have no idea how they are going to turn out but small and cute for sure!

Nope we were not kidding! At 8 am it was time to jump on the skis! - H

E and Sabina, having some rest!

Ain't this the move what athletes do after their perform? -H

The feeling after we had arrived! 

A time for not-so-serious snow angels!

At this point it lookes like we weren´t getting anything to eat!

...and then it was time to celebrate a fire!

Someone was too thrilled about everything...  First the puppies and then this... :D

...and then there was one girl who was more thrilled about food than anything else! :D Look at those shiny and hungry eyes! -H

What did I say? :D - H

Today has just been so grate! We woke up early, before 7 Am, and went skiing to our friends, Eve's, cottage :D ! We had to drive for an hour first and then ski across a lake to get there. Though it didn't probably look like skiing at all, since the snow was so thick and our legs sank on every step, so it just looked like we were "swimming" with our skis on :D.

We made a fire to the fireplace and just chilled in the cottage for the whole day. We fried some sausages and meatballs in the fireplace and also ate some shrove buns and marshmallows for a dessert. The whole day was just so perfect. The only way to forget your work and school is to go to the country, nothing vanishes the stress better than that! Right before we had to start getting back home Evi just got so tired that she almost fell asleep in there.

It was just so calming and warm to sit in front of the fireplace and not think about anything important. I wish I could get days like this more often. I could make the similar trip to my friends cottage every week! Though we are all so tired now that H had to get a nap and me and my little sister are just about to fall asleep here at the sofa. -Evi

Hope you all have a relaxed and calming weekend everyone! Or at least take the whole Sunday to yourself! We have all earned not to do anything more important than cherishing ourselves every once in a while :). 

- Evi and Herminica

Ps. Here's the proof that me and H really have the similar taste in everything :D... -Evi

---and it doesn't end here... :D -H


  1. Djevojke prelijepe ste :)
    Baš mi je drago da vam je super bilo :)

  2. Aa aivan ihania luonto eräjormailu kuvia! ;D Oikeen kateeksi käy ku ite ei oo tullu viikonloppuna oltua ulkosalla hirveesti, mutta kaippa sitä huomennakin ehtii :-)

    1. haha :D ! Onneks ehtii! Kyllä tälläset päivät hakkaa normi kaupungissapyörimis päivät 100-0! :D Saa hyvän reenin ja hemmetin hyvän breikin kaikesta! :)

  3. Voi nuo pikkukoirat on nii ylisöpöjä! Pitää munki raahautua mukaa ens kerralla :D

  4. ahah toi vika kuva..söpöä