Monday, June 20, 2011

It´s so hard to climb but the view is great

Elvira is 19 years now too, we had a little b-day party with almost self made nachos, bilar and a great movie. We also went out to celebrate. It was fun :)! Elvisa's dog was so thrilled about us that she just jumped all over the place and run around herself. Funny little dog. It was such a nice weather yesterday. I went out to play frisbee with Aaro. We just hanged out the whole evening, listened the music and talked about life and stuff. How complicated can things really be? Like commm'ooon! Why do people want to hurt each others or just pretend so fucking difficult to be around with? I just can´t get it. I know that I couldn´t hurt anybody like they can. Maybe I´m just too kind or something but hell no, I´m not going to low myself down to their level, never. I think it´s more important to have friends than just pushing them away or gathering enemies around you. That´s life: It´s so hard to climb but the view is great.

Photos by Elvira! If you want to follow her blog please visit Ps. The blog archive is under the posts!

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