Wednesday, June 22, 2011

work work work

Yey yey yey, I have worked for three weeks now. It´s fun but I´m so tired after it that I could just go straight to bed and put a cucumber-slices on my eyes to cheer me up. I like this job a lot and I like the new coffee-cacao-machine verrrryyyy mucho! The best thing is to be at work when it´s raining out! :) What else could I be doing anyway? Ok ok, I love reading books or magazines on the balcony with a cup of hot chocolate, something great to snack and a big big blanket! That´s awesome :)

Ye ye I was little too excited about my sis's camera. I love it! Damn it hasn´t been the time for beach for one week now but I hope hope hope that day will come. Ok I have a little bit of tan on me already but unluckily my skin thinks it doesn´t need melanin to protect it so it just renovates itself back to blanche. Haha ps. the best midsummer is yet to come :) Jenna and me, we are going to tplace that takes 5,5 hours driving. Can´t expose where cuz I don´t want to ruin the surprise :) One thing I know- random things are the best and extempore trips the cherry on the cream. Love you Jenna!

That´s my bun, I love to wear it on summer. It´s just so practical and it makes sure you neck gets tan too... I think it´s a bit odd id it´s just white... while everything else is brown :D But now.... I have to continue :) Bye!

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