Monday, November 4, 2013

hazy mornings

Hello people, it's new week and new plans. I've been feeling sososo tired the last few days, since I've been keeping my promises and not been sleeping late. It also means I've been getting tons of school works done, so it has been worth it. I just wish I would get used to this rhythm and feel energetic in the mornings without having to pour a pot of hot coffee down my throat the second I get up out of bed. Well, maybe one morning I'll get to be surprised with that natural energy flow. The weekend that I was looking forward to in the last post I made was not that great after all. It was all work and zero fun, since H has tones and tones of stuff, and even those three days weren't enough for getting her and our little sister moved to a new apartment. So yes, I visited them in Kuopio and helped them move. The weirdest part is that last Thursday I was helping my friend to move (I should be a pro at that considering the amount of practice I've gotten the last week!) and there were four us girls to pack and move the boxes and it only took us around three hours. Honestly it was the easiest move I've ever done, and H's and Sabina's was the hardest.

Last weekend me and H were visiting Mikkeli. Mostly I saw my friends, but on Sunday we had a lovely day with just the family. Next Sunday it is the Fathers day, and unfortunately at least I (and I'm guessing neither H or S) wont be able to visit our parents that weekend. So we planned a little surprise for our father. We already bought him a card and gift and next Sunday I hope he wont notice us missing while receiving his gift. But more of that on Sunday, since we don't want to ruin the surprise, do we.

And to let you guys now, that we will be doing our summer trip 2013 posts soon. I don't remember if H already told that she (or someone) lost the memory card where most of our pictures were on, but we've now found it and will be doing trip posts shortly. 
- evi

Good morning dirty mirror!

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