Friday, July 17, 2015

EUROTRIP 2014 Part 4/5: Zadar and Kornati


We traveled the whole night to Zadar from Sarajevo by bus. Elma, our cousin, joined in our company in Sarajevo a day before. We were really exhausted when we finally arrived and took a taxi from a really nice local dude, who not only found us a place to stay but also introduced us to the city and gave us some local tips. All we had in mind was to go by the sea and swim, eat something and just sleep. I think we all fell asleep at the natural beach for a good time. It was well deserved nap! Zadar was a beautiful little town. Beaches were not that good, but sailing trips and natural beaches were much better than the ones made for tourists. We had a pleasure to swim and play cards together. Wonder around the city center and visit different cafes and restaurants. Damn how we enjoyed sipping coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice... Nothing wins that combo! Every morning we woke up to hang out with the cat that was sleeping on our terrace while we ate our breakfast. Eggs, hot chocolate, orange juice, fruits and veggies were at the top of our menu! 

One of the best things was this huge storm and the light show in this old building... Sounds of the storm and rain, all the lights and music... Amazing. Another artsy moment was experienced at the Morski Urlovi, a natural music instrument where sea and its waves play the stairs making different relaxing sounds. Walks at the city parks and sitting at the lounge bars was also something we enjoyed, it was so nice to escape the heat and refresh ourselves.


The best part of our stay in Zadar was a trip to Kornati islands and National Park Telascica. We booked a sailing and swimming trip for the whole day. Islands are just the biggest pearls of Adriatic, especially the ones people haven't laid their fingers on. Water was so pure, sun shone and we girls sun bathe at the deck and watched all the beauty passing by us. This was a day we all could completely relax and forget everything else. We did also swim at Telascica and oh boy... That water was so pure... deep and crystal clear. So clear that even sea cucumbers lived there... and that if anything is a good marker for the quality of the water. 

Our trip continued to Italy via Ljubljana, Slovenia and a cold night at the railway station at Villach, Austria. We rented a car from a shitty international company called Sixt. What they actually did was they gave us a car that was totally broken, from a different category we had booked because they have given the car we had reserved to some other travelers. When we gave the car back, they wanted to charge us the extra from upgrading the car to better one (even though they first told us it wont cost us anything because it was their mistake) and for all different scars and lumps on the car (we did not made any of them). The final cost rose from 100 to 400 euros for renting a car for only 6 hours... and that was not even all... What can we say? Do not rent a car from a company Sixt!

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