Tuesday, July 28, 2015

EUROTRIP 2014 Part 5/5: Venice and Milan


Venice, ah what a beautiful and unique Italian city! Trip to Venice has always been very high on our bucket list and this time we decided to experience northern Italy. We arrived there at 5 am after spending a night sitting on our suitcases at the narrow corridor in the train and sleeping at the cold floor of the railway station in Villach (Austria). This night before arriving to Venice was maybe the worst we've ever experienced and trust me we have experienced many very odd and/or uncomfortable nights. However, arriving at 5 am was worth it- we got a chance to experience almost empty Venice! No tourists for many hours, which gave us an opportunity to wake up slowly and enjoy of the Venetian sounds, seagulls, not so clean sea water, lonely condoles, hot espresso coffees and take photos where no random people photobomb! 

Venice was breathtakingly beautiful. I love unique looking cities, I love when a place has its own personality you can get to know to. The biggest challenge was to observe those tiniest details from all that amount of details. Venetian vibe was so good that it really felt like a place we all want to visit again some day- maybe take a condole ride and visit the islands too, museums and other cultural and historical spots. There was only one thing that annoyed us all and it was with the lack of hospitality from the local people. I know that they must be annoyed with tourists but still... Nothing can ruin your day easier than bad service when you are trying to smile, joke and be polite to them! I hope all of them only had a bad day... At least there was this one older gentlemen who was really kind to us and even knew some words in Bosnian!

Venice was really easy going place, a bit too crowded after all tourist masses arrived... actually so crowded that when those tourist masses were combined with tired girls we all became a bit pissed off towards the end of the day. :D Even though we had a map and the signs were pretty easy, we managed to get lost at one point. Our idea was to circle the city but because of getting lost at one point and many long lunch or coffee breaks we didn't have enough time for that and had to go back. Well at least we got good food and "cheap" tickets to Milan before night fell!


... a big urban fashion city in northern Italy. We stayed five days in Milan, too many days if you asked us. The reason why we reserved so many days for Milan was actually a plan gone bad. We were supposed to go and visit Garda lake for few days but because it rained so much we decided to pass on it and enjoy the big city life. Milan was really big city, like all other European big cities. There was nothing that special about it except Duomo, the cathedral. It was really impressive! We went in after getting properly dressed first and payed also for the visit to the roof top! And oh it was amazing! Definitely worth the visit and the money!

We stayed in this really nice hostel called Scream Hostel, which was relatively cheap, located between metro stops Rovereto and Turro -so around 15 minutes to Duomo, cleanest ever and the owners were originally from Hungary. They lived there too which was mainly the reason why the place was so spotless all the time. It was really amazing and they were really friendly and helpful! I really do recommend this hostel for you guys if you ever stay in Milan! We were able to have a good night sleep because this hostel is not for party people and cook our own meals every day. I consider it a plus, because home made is always home made but ok, we did also go to eat out for several times. Especially after eating at this one local restaurant... We decided to try Risotto a la Milanese and oh... what a disappointment it was! It tasted just "ok", nothing special. The overall experience of the restaurant itself though was so funny that we came to conclusion that it must have been restaurants fault... No doubt.

Some laughing, cheesy guys, bad Risotto a la Milanese (which was compensated with the best mushroom risotto ever), too good drinks, great shopping opportunities and parks, view from Duomo and urban city life of Milan was the end of our summer trip 2014. We were so sad to hop on the plane and arrive to that cold, rainy and gray Helsinki-Vantaa airport that we even joked about doing anything just to be able to go an eat another portion of Risotto a la Milanese!

- Herminica

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