Saturday, June 4, 2016

EUROTRIP 2015 Part 1/8: In Split, chapter 1

Split once again ! You may want to see also the last post from Split (click HERE). Last time I was there with my other sister Elvira. This time my sister Sabina was traveling with me. Sabina was at former Yugo-area before me. I had a flight directly to Split and she took a bus from Banja Luka (BiH) to Split. We stayed there for nice 10 days of our 5 weeks long trip and lived in an private apartment located in the Diocletian's Palace, just inside the palace walls. The location couldn't be any better and we made sure that the room was not above the busy street or near the fish market. I couldn't imagine anything worse than waking up to strong smell or scent no matter where it comes from. We spent our days by wandering around the city streets and Park Marjan, swimming and eating some good food or listening to the different concerts and visiting the different museums. In Split you have many things to do to, many cafes and restaurants to choose from and many good moments to catch.

As I've said we are not traveling like tourists. I would describe this more as traveling and living as a local. We do not go to the hotels- we rather subrent a room/house from locals or stay at our relatives/friends depending on the city. It is by far the most fruitful way to travel, experience and to see. We never swim in the swimming pools if there is a river, lake or sea close enough. Never eat in those international fast food places nor even at the restaurants located next to the most expensive hotels. No. We tend to go to places where locals are, speak and hang out and share a cup of coffee or two with them. That I call a proper vacation and proper spirit to travel.

Split as many other big cities by the see have that unique vibe. It is packed with history, music, different scents of sea, fish, risotto, parfume and people. Tourists have found this place and the rest of former Yugoslavia again after war just recently. During the previous years I have spent at home with mostly locals. Nowadays however the amount of tourists together with the prices have risen. Unlike in other cities in Istra (Pula, Rovinj etc), around Zadar and Makarska or Dubrovnik people in Split differ not only by their dialect but also by their mentality. Dialect is something that I find really intriguing especially when hanging out with local young adults.

There are so many little details everywhere that it is too easy to not see the trees from the forest. One that you should forget is rush. Enjoy those little moments and let yourself get lost. Don't pay attention to the tourists around you and try to find that inner traveler to be your guide. Enjoy that clear water, change the beach every second day, visit also other places outside of the city of Split, go sailing and have your workout done by climbing to the hill of Park Marjan, collect little stones and sea urchins and sip some limunada instead of products from the CocaCola Company. If you want "Fanta" order local Pipi and if Coke is more of your thing try Cocta instead.

Split won't leave you untouched if you only know what to do, where to go and how to enjoy. It wont either leave you dry because you will probably find yourself sweating even during the nights. If you have spare money, buy some cat food and feed a cat and buy some Ledene Kocke chocolates to fridge for yourself. They are really good and usually served chilled. Ledene Kocke are a good idea always and they really belong to the summer as strongly as the grilling does.

One of the best starts to any vacation is when you introduce your nose to the hot salty air and your feet with that pure, crystal clear sea water. Fill your belly with sea food and cool yourself down after a refreshing swimming and sun bathing with Ledo ice cream. I always sleep so good down there- almost like a baby I would say. At the same time that all relaxes you, makes you tired and boosts your energy levels and reloads your batteries for the next year. After our last day in Split we decided to go to Klis and it's historically famous fortress - The Fortress of Klis. That trip and those amazing views will be on the next chapter!

                                                                            - Herminica

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