Wednesday, May 17, 2017

EUROTRIP 2016 - Part 2: Amazing National Park UNA

“Magical waterfalls, forest, medieval castles, crystal clear rivers... Mesmerizing!” 

That is what I thought first when I saw Una. I mean, where to begin? Colours! Yes, when wild green forests meet the turquoise waters of rivers Una, Krka and Unac. These white foamy formations caused by the rapids and waterfalls, such as Strbacki Buk, Martin Brod and Troslap, just make your eyes shine of the excitement. Your scents are wide open to the beautiful smell of flowers, green moist grass and the sounds coming from the wind and birds standing on the top of the big green trees.

Terrestrial habitats in the area of Una National Park are the meadows, pastures and forests, which all form a pretty important and rich ecosystem and habitats for many species found at the area. You can enjoy the Unac Canyon and drink the water from the spring of the river Krka or Bastasi or just have a picnic while watching the fish playing under the surface. History lovers have to hear the stories about Iapydes -an ancient people who inhabited the wider area of Una river valley and many historical remains of the old cities and forts to visit. Kulen Vakuf, Orasac, Rmanj, Havala and Klisevic tower are there to amaze but the burg of Ostrovica, which consists of at least three recognizable historical layers is for my opinion one of the best ones preserved. 

There are also many hiking, rafting, fishing and biking opportunities. In fact, for kayakers there is this very special event called The Una Regata, which is organized every year during the summer. Rich flora and fauna, canyons, mountains and rivers and history make this park special. You can also experience Yugoslavian spirit by taking a tour with Tito's Blue Train (a "luxury train", once used by Josip Broz Tito, while president of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) through the park! Worth of visiting for a day or for longer! I am absolutely going to visit the NP again, this time I hope to spend a night somewhere surrounded by the nature, with no other tourists around. The park can be easily reached if you are planning to visit Natural Parks Krka and Plitvice, since it is located between them! However, you have to cross the boarded between BiH and Croatia, since the NP UNA is located on the territory of BiH.

We stopped also in Cazin to see The Castle of Ostrozac and ate a lunch in Kostelski Buk, sipped some coffee in the old town of Bosanska Krupa while continuing our journey from Bihac and NP UNA towards our home in Prijedor and NP Kozara. However, by camera battery died at some point and I have photos only from Kostelski Buk. This was a lethal error, which must be corrected next time, because the places really were worth seeing! Since I do not have any material to support my claims, you can either just believe my words or google the places for additional proof!

I hope you dare to adventure!

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