Thursday, October 20, 2011

All day all night.... I´m tired

I don´t know what´s wrong with me, I´m tired like all the time. I could sleep easily 12 hours per day now. When I wake up, I´m already tired. What do I do then? Well I just move my butt one meter from my bed to the sofa and then I really feel like "oh God I have to rest now". :D I don´t know if it has something to do with theese exams and the school- essays etc. Maybe. I just finished one again- it was about the cell signaling pathways, cancer, tumors etc. The subject was very interesting but it really took me entire three days to do it. Tomorrow I have one exam too, hope it´ll go well.

You can see my new iron my mom bought me. It was a total surprise from her :) I have naturally curly hair already (you can see it from the blog's banner), but with it I can always make my curls look even better :) I like the result a lot :). You can also see the evening sky I was so amazed of. Just had to take some photos with my bad camera, so the colours aren´t so good :(

I´m totally loving the tv show called The Doctors, and that doctor Lisa is really just so beautiful and she really motivates me to do this. I hate that people keep thinking that if person is good looking and has other life than school too, they can´t be clever nor smart. I love to see good looking people (suck as doctor Lisa) in a job that really need devoting and studying. I just adore it that that kind of people have time to take care of themselves (even if it´s busy morning), do they hair and make up, eat healthy, exercise, meet their friends regularly, go out and have fun and even choose their outfit carefully (I don´t really understand why people go to the uni/meeting/club etc looking like me when I´m going jogging? I truly think that everybody want´s to look good = I mean FRESH, tidy and clean, we really do have people in our uni that use the same shirt for 1 month and their hair can´t be any greasier than it already is and the smell really kills....). I¨m usually always struggling at mornings, but 15 to 30 minutes is really enough for me to get ready. It´s all about planning! I had to take a photo of one of my favourite breakfasts, dark manna porridge with cacao powder. I just love it <3 Makes me just happy to even think about it... and so hungry.... :D 


  1. Voi kiitos paljon! =) Toivois että ne ois tälläkin hetkellä noin (heräsin vasta)! :D