Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer nights

I can already see all the yellow autumn leaves. Was this the finnish summer? I´ve never experienced it untill this year- and you know I still think it´s just this long spring going on and summer is there about yet to come... Where is the sun, where is all that hot air and all those nights you can sit outside in your bikini and still sweat while watching the stars above, listening to the grasshoppers and sipping something refreshing to cool yourself down? I dont like wearing pants now when I sould be able to be in my shorts or dresses or skirts. I´d love to go swimming and climb up the big mountines and walk through green walleys all down to the turquoise lakes, rivers and waterfalls. Yes I´d love to be able to dive and seek for the sea urchins and put some sun cream on them too. Wohoow all I can see is this grey sky and facebook's "Account Temporarily Unavailable"........... hah. This is not one of my days. At least I have my little sisters here to keep me company :) Love them and I love the raspberrypie I made yeasterday.... I think the fridge is here to keep me happy today... :D

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