Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I´m little sweatty, blowing my nose all the time and having a headache. It´s not bad but it makes me want to eat a lot of sour candies and chocolates... :) Well at least I just bought myself a nice skirt and two nice pair of shoes. I don´t know how many handkerchief-packages I have already used but my nose is red and in pain because of them. At least I can drink hot chocolate, eat selfmade mudcake and eat Fazer's Pätkis- mini bites. We have made so delicious chicken pasta with my sister Elvira that I´ll absolutely give you the recipe we made out! :) I have a lot muscle aches, I think it´s besause I´m sick and because of the last week and the weekend. It was so nice to just BE, eat, grill with everybody, talk and drive a car together up to the big hill and all around the place. Makes me just so happy :) Oh and there was this cute dog that scared me off..... :D we were just talking about bears with Teemu when he parked his car on Arttu´s backyard.... Well I looked on my right and there was this cute dog standing and looking at me, I screamed cause I thought first he was a bear.... cute little bear yep. Can´t remember the name of the dog because it was so unique but damn he was cute and kind dog that liked to chill behind the car... :) He´s in one piece yet. :) Now I´ll just start to write in my diary and wait for somehing great to come from tv... I´m a bit bored and anxious to get those shoes home :)

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