Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Last week of summerholiday

ok ok I got a lil bit excited... :--)

I know it´s almost over- and it just started. I just can´t imagine myself at uni again. In different uni this time, in different city with totally new people. I will be a freshmen again (or kinda.... almost everything of my 71op is going to be accepted in here), so it will be fun. :) I like my new home a lot, we made it great. New floors and walls, and some new furniture. Now it´s closer to the perfection than my last home was. Elvira is going to move there btw, and it kinda strange to walk in there when it still feels like my place but it´s obviously hers with all her stuff in there! :D I still have to get myself a new bathroom carpet, new curtains to the kitchen, new frames for the pictures a new lamp for my table and some stands. Yea it will be a perfect place for my next 5 years. Hopefully. I still have to try to get myself a job from Kuopio. It would be so much easier then for me. It certainly would.

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