Friday, August 12, 2011

today I want to be a tourist guide

Those pictures are taken two weeks ago. The entire weekend was absolytely great. I LOVE VAFFLES. Who doesn´t?  The Saimaa cruising, eating in Huviretki (love the place), finnish and swedish candy, swimming and spending time with our friends from Sweden and Bosnia---> this all makes it all great. I love the life, one thing I have noticed is that I still havent published one post from last summer, the midsummer post and the last one from this last weekend- Pipefestival post. You´ll get it all when I got the pictures... I have asked my friends to send them to mee many times but some of them are pretty lazy.... :D I think I´ll have to give them a kick... soon.  Damn I´m hungry right now, got to find something great to eat :)

ps. My new home is almost ready! New floor and new walls, now I only have to unpack my stuff! :)


  1. Asutko jo Kuopiossa? Hassua jos törmätään jossain, oon niin pitkään lukenut tätä, olet upea!

  2. heippa :) On miulla kamat siel jo, mutta tyttö itse heiluu viel aikalailla Mikkelin ja Jyväskylän huudeilla :)! Huomenna tuun varmaan heittää kaappeihin osan tavaroista ja laittaa lattialaminaateista sen vikan paketin vielä paikoilleen :)! Huikkaa jos törmäillään :)!