Monday, March 12, 2012

21 years old me

Yep that´s tight, I had my birthday last Wednesday. Now I´m officially old haha. I don´t want to get old, but I do want to live. I think that I´m not making any exception.We all want to live as long as we can but be young forever. The key to that is in our own personality and behavior. If you can embarrass yourself and still laugh, be funny and goofy, and do not get mad because of the little things. Don´t be too proud or stiff to do different things. Explore life and break the boundaries. Enjoy doing the things adults usually do not and you´ll feel it. Blow the soap bubbles, draw, paint, take photos, make wreath of flowers and put it on your head, dive, go to a picnic with the bicycle, go to a water park or a amusement park, take a board game and play it, watch your old favorite cartoons and have a pajama party with your friends! It´s just so much fun and really   frees you from the stress you might have :)  

I have already cleaned this place, done the english test and now it´s time to wash the dishes and then watch desperate housewifes with Alli. I already met Minna after not seeing her for an entire week and it really felt so good to talk to her <3 I´ve celebrated my birthday twice already and I´ve had fun both times. I have no pictures because my camera is not the best one to shoot in the dark... 


  1. Happy Birthday! :) What did your family and friends give you on your birthday? :)

  2. Happy B-day! :-) Sve najljepše!


  3. Hei! Ajattelin että vastaus tavoittaisi täältä sut parhaiten, se tv-tason lampunjalka on Ikeasta! :)

  4. oooot ihan älyttömän kaunis : )