Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sabina's Prom

So there you go! I decided to put just 35 pics out of 3000 we took that day. They were just perfect! Sabina was so happy that day and it made me feel really good for her. Me and Elvira were her personal drivers the whole day and night. We put the make up on, the dresses on, made her and her friends little snacks to eat, repaired their dresses and put them all shoes on. We had to take photos, help them fit into the car, let them sit on my stomach because there was too little room for us all. Sabina had to dance 3 times the whole routine, go to the restaurant, visit the previous schools and visit two after parties. I went to watch one extra shift with Elvisa, Henni, Arttu and Kalle. In fact Elvisa had left the light on and we had no battery left... So it was a little bigger drama then... :D  But all in all, Sabina and Einari were really good dancers together :) She was just so beautiful to watch<3


  1. Moi Herminica! Sulla on aivan ihana blogi! :) Mitä sä muuten opiskeletkaan? Ihanaa kevään alkua!