Friday, March 30, 2012

sunny chicken sauce

Here I am waiting for my train to move.... I came one hour too early... :D Like I wouldn't rather be outside! The sun is really shining so brightly, and even if there is a little bit colder now the weather is just great! I was working for 5 hours and on my way back I tried to walk in sunshine... I think that people didn´t really appreciate my jumping across the street back and forth... :D Well at least it made me happy. There is also this one juice from Valio Gefilus I´m really into... Tropiikin hedelm├Ąt herajuoma<3 I can´t get enough of it! I actually keep dreaming about it. If I would use the same logicand imagination as we were little I would want one big room of this juice in my home. Yes, we imagined houses with multiple rooms. There was something to eat or drink in every room, with no doors. They were more like pools. We had so many great foods and juices in there, and we always talked about how nice it would be to swim in melted caramel and just open your mouth and eat at the same time... I know what you are thinking... :D

You can also see the food I made for myself, I just love it ! It has: red onion, olive oil, herbs, honey, chicken,  red paprika, chili paprika, pineapple, cream, white onion, different kind of wok vegetables and different spices in it<3 It´s just so great with good, dark pasta<3

... and I have just one glass of this juice left :(

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