Monday, April 2, 2012

Jyskylä- a few weeks ago

My weekend at Jyväskylä was awesome. I went there at 5 am.... :D Yes you can call me a madman. I was the only person awake at that time, streets were dead and even the traffic lights were off. I chose to go to Jyväskylä that early because my sister needed to visit the doctor. I called her a reception time and went there with her. She had aphonia and it was so weird to talk so much to her, when she couldn´t respond to me :D At least I had enough time to tell her everything :))) We went shopping, ate the breakfast at wilhelmiina café, met my friend Emmi at Arnolds and went to the grocery store to get everything for the pancakes. Elvira and Iiris went to the b-day party for two hours while I took a nap. Then they came back and we got ourselves ready for the TPH and Bra. My crew arrived and we went directly to Jenna's place to pick her up. TPH was good and I really enjoyed my stay in there, I met so many of my friends in there that it really was a happy time for me :) After that we went to the Hesburger to grab something to eat. After that it was a time to go around the block to Elvira's place (my previous home :) ) and guys continued their journey to Katse. We stayed at Jenna's place and the next morning was all about the movie "Pingviinien matkassa" and crisps. Then it was time to leave and say goodbye to my babies. 

I left all alone in there, but luckily I had plans for the evening too. I went to Meeri's place to meet my Jkl friends, we made a cake and played with her gerbils before entering the bar Ruma. It is one of my absolute favourite places. I hadn´t had so much fun for a while and it really was a good decision to meet them all again! :) I can´t wait to go there...! You can imagine how I felt when I had to come back to Kuopio, it was like someone had swept me off my feet. Luckily Alli and Minna were at the same train with me, (they were in a bad hangover and it was kinda hilarious to watch them surviving of all those bumps...) :D.

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