Wednesday, April 11, 2012

something new again

Look at this video, it´s amazing :) Guys from Finland in Bosnia, doing one thing they love in a contry really dear to me. I love to see how the both of my homelands make this really great coctail together! :) Enjoy watching ! Thanks to Nipwitz. I have never been there during the winter... but now I can see everything in really good quality and great humor. :)

...and here I am, just arrived to Mikkeli. Want to go to sleep now, but before that I decided to put these things here, shoes are from and that poncho is from PLNDR. I´m not really sure if this makes any sence now... :D I just don´t want to tell you that I have to study some physics this entire month now... :) I think that is even more boring than watching this particular post, with just pictures of clothes/shoes. najaa.... I had an amazing weekend, I met my friends, made some blueberry pie, we had the first BBQ evening this year and I watched two good movies and one pretty interesting documentary about humans. :) I will come back here soon with better photos and better things to tell you about. I don´t really like to make posts about the stuff that is new with nothing else to tell.... :)

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  1. Ihana toi video. <3 Meinasin tilata Nellyltä noi samat ruskeet kengät ! ;D